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european robins

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Garden Robins

What a fun bird to shoot, for their size they have so much courage, a hard working bird in the breeding seasons, would study one of the Robins in the photos, he would work very hard to please the female, if she called he had to feed her, she would watch him chase other birds, I guess he has to show he's strong to pass on his genes.

The adult European robin is 12.5–14.0 cm (5.0–5.5 in) long and weighs 16–22 g (9/16–13/16 oz), with a wingspan of 20–22 cm (8–9 in). The male and female bear similar plumage; an orange breast and face (more strongly coloured in the otherwise similar British subspecies E. r. melophilus), lined by a bluish grey on the sides of the neck and chest. The upperparts are brownish, or olive-tinged in British birds, and the belly whitish, while the legs and feet are brown. The bill and eyes are black. Juveniles are a spotted brown and white in colouration, with patches of orange gradually appearing.

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