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Hello and welcome to my crazy world of adventure photography

Growing up in the Fens

I am an artistic photographer from the Fens Cambridgeshire UK with a passion for adventure, capturing the very essence of the local areas. My life is all bout seeing new and the unexpected. Photography is about adventure, with storm chasing being the exciting subject. Never knowing what's round the next corner is something special, that is what makes photography the best art form for me.

I have to start by going over some of my life and how I became a photographer in one of the most strangest places in the UK.

Born in the heart of the Fens Wisbech Cambridgeshire, a so call Bowthorpe baby, why they came up with that I just don't know! Living just outside Wisbech in what was a small village (Leverington) but times have changed and the village is part of Wisbech.

My school life was a mixed bag, was more into nature and adventures than going to school. Oddly was top of my nature classes when I felt like turning up lol.  Life at school was hard, I just hated every second, even at the age of 7 the dislike was showing, so took it upon myself to start leaving, this caused major home issues but no one was going to make me go to school, so the more the schools and courts pushed the more stubborn I became. The problem was, the school wanted me to do things I just wasn't interested in and they never took notice of my other skills. My art skills was high but the teacher just put me off, a truly horrible person he was.

From the age of 8, was in and out of youth courts but no matter what they did I just stood up to them, the courts made me go to school but would point blank refuse to do anything, My final year of school was aged 11.

I have to learn my own way, so i taught myself to read and write, throughout my life I am self taught in all I do, from driving, motorbikes, golf, pool and of course photography.

Owner of two business and semi pro in maintain bike racing and pool, so if you poor at school never let that get in your way!

My photography life began as a child, aged about 5 and along with my art I did enjoy both art-forms even tho my photography was just for fun. Throughout my life, cameras have been around, just for fun until one day my interest in lightning photography started, One storm and one lightning strike had me hooked and thought what a great thing to make a living out of one day. That was 1994.

For all those years after I never really bothered about doing photography as a pro, it was just for fun but my life was taken up with mountain bike racing. A hard going and injury hit lifestyle, after 9 years in 1998 one last crash in Thetford forest Norfolk ended my racing days. So with nothing to do along comes that thing we all dread, (depression) and it dug it's teeth right in, struggling in life so much I needed help from my GP, so he started what do I like doing, well adventures but I need more and with my injuries now more sports, (what about your photography he said?) thought yes I give it a try! so got into it more and more and noticed my fitness was better, depression gone and the best bit, was seeing many new things and things I had 0 interest in before, In my life I have been interested in many things, from history, space, nature and god knows what else but I didn't know they would start jumping over to my photography.

I believe in being individual and doing my own thing, I have no need for camera clubs or to chat endless hours about camera kit, that really isn't photography for me, being outdoors is very important to me, with many health issues it can be a struggle, far too many times I have collapsed without warning due to energy problems, it's like low blood sugar but it's not diabetic issues, No matter how fit i get my body will only let me walk about four miles before something goes wrong.

Not at the weekend please!

Photography gives me an excuse to spend time close to what I love, It can get too much, so the weekends belongs to moto GP or other bike racing, I'm motorbike mad and was a proud owner of a stunning MV Agusta F4 750. watching the racers is just cool with that young Marc Marquez doing things with bikes i have never seen.

Local inspirations

Photography is about seeing new things from new perspectives and is about being out in the natural beauty of rural and many other places. I enjoy adding my own distinct styling to my work which enables me to capture images from different views and from aspect around traditional photography, turning everyday into art, art is all around you,

What's in my kit bag

Mostly Canon gear apart from a Sigma 17-50 F2.8 lens. Only one camera, 7D mk2, new 100-400 mk2 sometimes used with the canon 1.4 extender giving 560mm. works well in good lighting. the 100mm F2.8 L macro, what a hard core lens, it has been through hell and back and never misses a beat. The old 10-22mm wide angle. Lee filters, 100 system, only been using these for months, what great fun they are with the big stopper. For macro using the canon mr14ex ii and just bought the cool Manfrotto  befree orange tripod.

Also made myself a lightweight small portable hide costing just £23. PS a few images was taken with my old Canon 40d which was sold few years back.

Been thinking for months, due to my very wide interest matter, looking at a 5d mk5, I shoot a lot of low light photography and i'm pushing the 7d mk2 too much but will see.

My work flow is slightly different to some and a few interesting issues are popping up within Lightroom.

PC made myself with a modern SSD for main with two 1 TB HD, one for raw file storage and one for JPEG storage. this will give me years of storage and something that's safe.

Files sorting and image checking is the old Adobe Bridge, I never use Lightroom's own file management, it's too slow for me.

With high ISO images, over 1600 I'm started to use canons DDP software, it seams to work far better than LR but I just wish canon would make their software more user friendly, doing loads of images takes twice as long.

Working on a silent PC cooler which is great fun, the PC when use with LR can run hard and will get hot, with 4 fans running in high temperature mode it can sound like a plane taking off lol.

Saving our wildlife and why I find humans so frustrating

Rant mode!!!

Our inability to stop the world's climate spiralling going out of control. I have seen so many changes over the years, butterflies are very hard to find, wild birds seams to be suffering and I just get frustrated because we all can help by making a small nature garden with insect friendly plants or bushes for birds to nest in. In my lifetime I have seen big changes in farming which seams to be affecting nature badly now days.  I have tried to help my local nature with making a nature garden, it has helped common frogs spawn and we have seen many butterflies throughout summer. It frustrates me that I am absolutely nobody with no real power or influence yet I see more than governments. Photography can play such a key role in helping nature but sadly there's too many just buying cameras to look cool. My photography is to show nature and hopefully this shows why we need to save nature.

The three images below shows just what we have done to nature. The Song Thrush, a once common bird but, as a child I would of seen these everyday, now day's just 7 in 8 years, it's taken over ten years to capture just two photos of the same bird.

The butterflies, what stunning creatures but sadly these are getting harder to see, the middle shot is the Small Heath, in 3 years I have seen just 1 and that is the one, it landed at my feet and I managed just two shots before it took off. what a horrible thought that humans have caused the destruction of nature so much to a point where people like me is only seeing just one creature every so many years, it makes me so angry towards others for not caring.

Do you really want a world with no nature? do you want a world without birds singing in the morning? a world without life and the only life is people. Our generation is causing this, it's not up to the next generation because that will be too late, It's up to you! making a small nature garden with insect friendly flowers and plants. Have no garden a window box will help. in gardens leave a small patch for wildflowers, leave some wood in the corner, that's a perfect bugs hideout. Got a pond? plant around it! wildlife doesn't ask for much but it needs it's places to feed, it can't pop to the shops like us, remember we hare taking over their world, this planet doesn't belong to us, it belongs to mother nature.

We are all to blame for the loss of nature but we can make a difference. 

Think! before it's too late!


I have built excellent relationships within the local agricultural sector which has allowed me to capture images which really provide an insight into the landscapes and machinery within, with my brand of madness for breaking the ice, I mean who wants a camera in your face! I sure don't! so with my Lee Evens style humour it tends to chill everyone out, then I get to know them as people and what short of images they like, it's also dam fun for me, getting a ride in a Case Axe flow harvester was so cool, will never for get that. Agricultural photography is out in the countryside no matter the weather, in fact the worse the better, what farming is all about.

I find when photography people at work i tend to say just get on with your work, forget i'm here and I will capture the mood.

Pet Hates

Spelling and writing has never been my thing, I like to keep writing to the minimum, as they say a picture speaks a thousand words! and I like to let my photos do the talking, you don't need to be highly skilled at spelling or any other thing to get somewhere in life and never let it stop you!       


Big interest in the wars. History, just find places like the great pyramids so interesting. From archaeology to space, watching the ISS (international space station come over) and wishing I was up there. Love the NASA missions with the two Mars rovers, Sprite and opportunity. Hubble's deep field images, with such stunning wonders of the universe can only be impressed what's out there. The stunning Aurora (Northern lights) and I have seen it three times from Cambridgeshire, just shows the power of our nearest star the Sun.

Storm chasing is just right up my street, the power of storms is just unreal, with the mid west USA and their super cell storm with the deadly tornadoes, would love to chase those storms one day. Lightning ally in Florida, could spend months there just chasing storms, wow the photography would be so cool.

Interested in all this the planet earth, volcanoes so on, could travel the world seeing those. Ship wreaks, has to be the Bismark for me, what a wreak and what to ship that was. A childhood interest in U boats.

Aircraft. is there any better sound than a Merlin V12! and one of my childhood favourites the space shuttle, it always impressed me the way the orbiter would point towards the heavens, this beautiful looking man made machine, almost alive with sounds until they unleashed it's power.

Normal life, boring bit lol, like shopping, eating out and the most crazy thing, driving many miles for fish and chips or ice cream. Like to take myself off somewhere and be away from people, Used to in Bedfordshire go into the woods with some food and just sit for hours and watch nature go about it's daily life, so calm and so at ease.

My life has and always will be a mixed affair, with so many interests in life it ables me to be open minded which gives me the ability to photography so much and I am very limited in what I can photograph still due to my countries lake of nature. 

Also with me I'm not controlled by rules, I will mix rules up when I see fit to do so. Remember rules was invented by someone to pass down to others, so that means I too can make my rules.


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New for 2018

My adventure blogs

A random life comes some random blogs, some will be for fun, some will be a bit more proper and some will be rants about what I see in life. My life is an adventure so you will never know what I will do next, hell I don't even know lol.

Life is about being you! so live it!!


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