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Riseley village church & local areas Bedfordshire

Riseley currently only has one church, All Saints Riseley. The oldest part of this church, the south wall of the south aisle dates as far back as the twelfth century. Riseley's church along with the rectory and some land in the village was once owned by the Knights Hospitallers. A Methodist Church was built in the village in 1807 at a cost of £130.  Moravian and Baptist chapels were built in the village in 1810 and 1838, respectively.  However these are all no longer used though there are two redundant Chapels in Riseley High Street. The Methodist Chapel opposite The Barns, this chapel was rebuilt in the 1990s and now serves as a very characterful private residence. The other chapel was a Moravian chapel which later became, for many years, the Chapel Art Gallery and is situated in the High Street close to Maple Gardens. The site of a third chapel, is now a grass ameniety area opposite Riseley's only shop on the Keysoe Road/High Street junction only has a few gravestones remaining as an indicator that a Baptist chapel was sited there.

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