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St Mary Saxon round tower church syderstone norfolk

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    ST MARY’S is the parish church for the communities of Syderstone, Barmer, Blenheim Park and Wicken Green Village. A historic round tower church, people may well have been coming to worship, meet together, celebrate Christmas, Lent and Harvest, be married, unite at christenings and pay respect to family and friends at funerals, for around 30 generations, since the times of William the Conqueror. Syderstone village has Saxon origins but the church in its present form has origins from the Norman era and the village is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

    St Mary’s has seen Queen Mary, Elizabeth I and Charles I as Patrons, and time and history have left their mark over nearly 1,000 years. Once the church had two side aisles, and possibly a central tower, whereas today it has a round tower.

    Visitors will see the Tower from a distance, standing over 60 feet high, a round tower construction found mainly in East Anglia. Built so, some believe, because only flints were readily available locally, not the large stones or clay for bricks that made cornered structures elsewhere.

    The C12th entrance to the church is now on the west side. It probably once would have been on the South side. The Nave was remodelled in 1785 by which time the side aisles had been removed and at that time the entrance was moved. Very faintly one may see on the outer stone left hand side, a small scratch or Mass sun dial inscribed that would have had a peg in the middle and so would only have worked if facing south to mark the times of office or service.

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