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St Jame village church Newton Cambridgeshire

The village is situated on the Silt Fen, a sea bank formed thousands of years ago. Unlike the salt marshes to the north or the formerly water-logged fens to the south, this narrow strip (also known as the Townland) has been inhabited for many centuries. Its location as a corridor for trade brought wealth to the villages during medieval times in an otherwise relatively poor area.  Newton, however, was not listed in the Domesday Book and was thus probably settled later, with its first mention appearing in 1210.  The College of St Mary by the Sea was founded here during the reign of Henry IV by Sir John Colville. The lands were given to the rectory of Newton when the college was dissolved by Henry VIII.

The parish church of St. James is a medieval structure with a tower. Formerly dedicated to St Katherine, the church was built in the 12th century and widened in the 14th century.

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