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English snow & winter landscape weather Images

  • Descriptions

    The wonders of weather and one of my favourites is snow and frozen conditions. it gives for the most stunning and moody photography going and along with fog (see my fog image gallery) are the best times to shoot for the gritty moody photos.

    Living in the East of England snowfall here is rare and we have just had something very rare happen, A storm system names the beast from the East, it caused mayhem across the UK and met with another storm system that caused issues in the south of the UK.

    I have never seen snow with blue sunny skies, it really is that rare here so after seeing that for the first time was just a dream come true.

    I love to see old architecture in snowy, frozen or foggy conditions, it's great for my style and suits the subjects.

    The fun side is controlling the cameras settings myself, from shutter speeds through to white balance (WB), auto WB isn't the way to go and if you looking for a certain moody auto may well mess that up. it's getting the image just right out in the field so I have hardly any need for editing..

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    •Large range of prints, from paper prints to wall art, All prints are handled by Loxley Colour print company UK.

    •Note all prints are available in a wide range of sizes.

    •Digital Downloads (available world wide) 

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    •Personal licenses.

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    Through contacting Kate

    My artwork is printed, framed or mounted by me at home, these are my craft fair art and one I'm proud of, I use the highest quality inks and papers from Canon.

    •A4, A3 plus size frames

    •A4 mounts

    •Paper types Luster, Glassy and Platinum pro.

    Using canon's high quality inks and papers throughout.

    IF you are interested in my own art prints and wish to have any image in this gallery framed or mounted, please use the comment on image (under each image) or use the (contact me form) the forms are standard (email).

    My prints are available to the UK only and can be found in my View my prints HERE please use your browser back button to return to this page.

    On call photo service

    •Agricultural shoots

    •Architecture shoots


    Photos shoots from around Cambridgeshire & Wisbech areas, wanting photos for estate agency? i do those too!

    Call for details on 07951635142.

    Old photo restoration

    Got any old photos that needs restoring? I restore damaged, faded and turn slides and negaitives into normal photos, want more info please View My Photo Restoration Page HERE please use your browser back button to return to this page

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