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British storm chasing & moody weather

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    Must admit, this is one of my favourites, the danger and excitement is just the draw for me, with the stunning clouds and storms, they make for the most dramatic artwork in colour or monochrome. When the summer months begin the excitement builds, I often watch the weather on the news and apps for certain conditions, mostly weather fronts coming up from France, they often contain lots of energy and give us our most powerful storms. I will watch two sets of apps, one rain alarm and a lightning detection system. the rain alarm is the more important, I look for high levels of rain, heavy rain which is displayed as purple on the app I use, I can then watch how the storms build, the lightning monitoring is the one to note how it tracks across the countryside. This is why weather photography is such a buzz for me, the watching and dreaming of the big one. When i'm out there and watching lightning and hearing that thunder is simply brilliant, My 74 year old mother now comes along sometimes, she wanted to see what all the fun is about, now she loves them too lol.

    Please be very aware, storms can be very dangerous, watch and shoot but make sure you know the rain banned.BR>

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