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Select from over 6000 photographs shot in East England with love and stories behind each of them. Enjoy the natural beauty of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire or Norfolk and beyond, discover local wildlife or marvel at the crisp night landscapes.

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Photo of the week, Hunstanton at sunset Norfolk UK

Featured Gallery: Animals of Great Britain and UK Zoos

Male common frog, English amphibians

When out in the UK countryside (the normal places, not nature reserve) finding animals can be hard to find. I have tried to photography all nature in natural places and never going to any paid reserves where creatures are sure to be there, this has slowed my wildlife photography down to a crawl in fact it's so difficult I have given up looking. Sadly I have to take zoo animals from around the world and will never get the chance to see this creatures in their nature habitats.

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New: The Ruins of Castle Acre Priory

The stunning Castle Acre Priory was a Cluniac priory in the village of Castle Acre Norfolk (East Of England).It is thought to have been founded in 1089 by William de Warenne the son of the 1st Earl of Surrey who had founded England's first Cluniac priory at Lewes in 1077.

The priory has been on my bucket list for ages yet is just 28 miles from home. I planed the trip to include my mother and her sister (sister has demantia) it becomes hard work to keep her mind active and this day didn't go that well, demantia is very unpredictable at times.

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Most Popular: Churches and Ruins

Did you know? Britain has some 42000 churches most of them dating back 800+ years!

Discover over 60+ churches, cathedrals and their ruins in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire and step back in time when life was still simple and slow.

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About the Photographer

Katey Jane is a self-taught photographer from Cambridgeshire who doesn't believe in Photoshop and prefers to shoot her photographs using the manual mode of her camera.

She got her first camera when she was 6 years old, but it wasn't until later in life that she became fascinated with photography after taking a photo of a lightning during a stormy night.

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Photography for me is about being there, making the most of what's in front of me, it's about learning to deal with the issues that will arise, it's about making mistakes and having a laugh over them but the most important thing to me is no use of Photoshop!

Think about it for a mo, you go out and see a cool sunset but the camera just can't handle those contrasts, you can either go HDR (yuk that's not for me) or Photoshop the life or the images or use filters and go with the limitations of the system. I love those limitations, it's old school!

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