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Based in the Cambridgeshire Fens

My life is to see new things, life has been and always will be a visual one!  

Photography is the most free art-form and the best art-form to show the real world and not just cute pretty things, photography is key to documenting the man made destruction of nature, The art form should never be just about you! and how good you think you are! or what camera you own, but it should be about our world! if you'll looking for raw real world all weather and natural photos you come to the right website but if you looking for fake Photoshoped images then move on!

I am here as an artist of nature and all things natural, be it history, agricultural through to shipping, the key for me to to show you my world, the every day world we all see. This art form should be enjoyed as part of the enjoyment of nature or the subject you wish to shoot.

Remember! nature comes first not the photographer!

This is my quote and remember it No Nature! no Photos! remember that when you are seeing no wildlife the next time you are out!

I have to be to the point because I care for our world!

Photo of the day, Britain's stunning butterflies, (male gatekeeper)


British butterflies

My guide to our wonderful butterflies, a life long interest in nature with my thoughts and views, where I have seen these insects, what they have fed on and views on their struggles, each photo has info with links to the main galleries. for the general photographer you maybe more interested in just images but remember without these wonderful and colourful creatures you wont be using that macro lens! please think about our wildlife before the photos, help them live on! 

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Building a nature garden

To photography the butterflies above you may well need to help them, by buildings a wildlife garden you are giving many insects a home and giving yourself a much wider range of photography subjects!, what more could you want?

See how we made the garden and hows it's laid out, it's fun and costs next to nothing but then again money should be no abject when saving our struggling nature.

My building a nature garden blog


Norfolk and North Norfolk

The county of Norfolk with it's many old village churches and villages with Norfolk having the most Saxon round tower churches in the world, standing at 124 with 8 in ruined state and then there's the North Norfolk coastline, with it's out of the way beaches and miles of salt marsh which is great for landscape photography, it's great for wildlife (mostly birds) so for me it offers a wide range of adventures.

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My home county and it's  love and hate relationship, for architecture we have many wonderful old buildings and our star attraction is Ely cathedral (the ship of the Fens) as for the landscapes the Fens offers something very different, this place is for the person who's free thinking, it's flat and lifeless but offers brilliant moody black and white photography, if it's cute places you looking for then the Fens isn't for you.     

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Birding around the UK

Birds was once my main subject until moving away from these fun to photograph creatures, Love trying to capture their fun and moody sides.

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Boats and Shipping

You think ships and boats are just for the guys to photograph! well they not! they fun and very simple to make art from, making for great standout subjects within rivers.

Most ships have been taken along the river nene Lincolnshire to Wisbech Cambridgeshire taking in two ports.

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