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My Lifelong Passion for helping Nature

This has nothing to do with the camera or photography and remember if you don't soon help nature you won't be using your cameras! because all the natural world will be gone, so helping our wildlife will also help you when you come to use your cameras!.

Giving Nature a Helping Hand

Our world is changing like never before, and wildlife is suffering due to our careless ways. From plastic in the seas to over farming our countryside, but it's far more profound than that!, have you noticed a decline in insects in your garden or out in the countryside at a local level?.

I have made a cheap and easy to manage nature garden that really did work!

My guide to British butterflies

British butterflies are colour and a delight for all ages, but sadly they are struggling like most of the worlds nature. With habitat loss one of the main culprits.

I I love documentary style photography and information; I wish to show our nature and share my views about it.

Moth Database for Leverington Cambridgeshire

Moth database for Leverington Wisbech Cambridgeshire, as no one seems to care about nature in my neck of the woods, I thought I better check how much damage overfarming has done to the moth population. So far the sign is not that good.

Latest Blog, Real World Review

Canon's untra wide angle lens for APSc cameras. Click on the image to view the blog

Meet The Photographer

I have taken over my daughters site Katey Jane, sadly she is fighting MS and no longer can run the website. Anyway we are both self-taught photographer from Cambridgeshire UK who doesn't believe in Photoshop and prefers to shoot her photographs using the manual mode of her camera and has a strong passion for the world around us, its not just about photography.

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