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To those people, I may have met when out and about.

Like Today 20/02/2019, I found a Johnny while photographing Thorny Abbey in Cambridgeshire LOL. Well, John, it was nice to meet you and what a sense of humour you have and yes that tomb with the vaulted ceiling was unreal.

If you are one of the people a gave my business card to then why not say Hi Kate in an email? Use the green contact me and drop me a line!

Upwell village Fenland Norfolk in black and white Fens photography prints for sale.

The bleak Fens: The UK's oddest landscape and the place I call home

Living and shooting professional in the Cambridgeshire bleak Fens, with its crazy outdoor adventures, where winter lifestyles rule almost all year round, Fenland landscapes, architecture and much more.

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The home made nature garden

Guide to: Giving Nature a Helping Hand.

Our world is changing like never before, and wildlife is suffering due to our careless ways. From plastic in the seas to over farming our countryside, but it's far more profound than that!, have you noticed a decline in insects in your garden or out in the countryside at a local level?

Being a passionate nature lover long before photography I felt I could try and help nature within my garden and you too can help. A wildflower garden or a window box can help, if you care for nature it's now time to give them a helping hand and also it offers you lots of macro opportunities..

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My guide to British butterflies

England's most colour creatures have to be the butterflies, but sadly they are struggling like most of the worlds nature

My guide to these stunning creatures offers both info and photographs. they are taken in their natural world and habitats.

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About the Photographer

Katey Jane is a self-taught photographer from Cambridgeshire UK who doesn't believe in Photoshop and prefers to shoot her photographs using the manual mode of her camera and has a strong passion for the world around her, its not just about photography.

She got her first camera when she was six years old, but it wasn't until later in life that she became fascinated with photography after taking a photo of lightning during a stormy night.

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