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My Guide: Giving nature a helping hand

The home made nature garden

Our world is changing like never before and nature is suffering due to our careless ways, from plastic in the seas to over farming our countryside, but it's far deeper than that!, have you noticed a decline in insects in your garden or out in the countryside at a local level?

Being a passionate nature lover long before photography I felt I can try and help nature within my garden and you too can help. A wildflower garden or a window box can help, if you care for nature it's now time to give them a helping hand and also it offers you lots of macro opportunities.

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Most Popular: Churches and Ruins

Did you know? Britain has some 42000 churches most of them dating back 800+ years!

Discover over 60+ churches, cathedrals and their ruins in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire and step back in time when life was still simple and slow.

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About the Photographer

Katey Jane is a self-taught photographer from Cambridgeshire who doesn't believe in Photoshop and prefers to shoot her photographs using the manual mode of her camera.

She got her first camera when she was 6 years old, but it wasn't until later in life that she became fascinated with photography after taking a photo of a lightning during a stormy night.

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Latest: blogs and stuff

Photography for me is about being there, making the most of what's in front of me, it's about learning to deal with the issues that will arise, it's about making mistakes and having a laugh over them but the most important thing to me is no use of Photoshop!

Think about it for a mo, you go out and see a cool sunset but the camera just can't handle those contrasts, you can either go HDR (yuk that's not for me) or Photoshop the life or the images or use filters and go with the limitations of the system. I love those limitations, it's old school!

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