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Kate is a keen adventurer and documentary artistic photographer who provides real and often unedited photographs. Her British picture collections consist of thousands of pictures of all kinds of subjects, including landscapes, architecture, agricultural, shipping, nature, birds, macro, and whatever else catches her eyes. Her photography has been used locally and worldwide in advertisements, books and much more.

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Springtime oaks in Bedfordshire buy this photo or View the bird Gallery

New: 6th April 2020

Facebook page for photo restoration and prints only. New pages can be found below. Kit reviews. different subject skill sets and covid 19 at home photography fun gallery.

Coming Soon! Canon's EOS R5

Will this camera be the perfect tool for multi-subject photography. Will the 7D mk 2 be the last DSLR I ever use!

Welcome to my world, my everyday world, a world full of adventures and surprises

Living a nomadic lifestyle, to explore, photograph and write stories as I travel the English countryside, living full-time off-grid in my motorhome. To witness nature and it's power and to see our history no matter the weather!

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Agriculture Single Gallery

Agriculture machinery set in the British countryside from vintage tractors to modern combines.


Birds with Multiple Galleries

British and Migratory birds, I show their moods, fun sides all year round and in all weather conditions in their natural environments.


Black and White Single Gallery

The power of black and white with its moods can turn a standard landscape or building into something else, all kinds of photographs in this gallery.


Churches Multiple Galleries

The quintessential English village church that comes in all shapes and sizes, from small round towers to the giant Gothic cathedrals. They make for the most wonder artforms and stories. New churches added all the time.


Macro Multiple Galleries

Who needs a spaceship to see another world when there's a unique world in miniature on earth. Macro is truly fun and keeps you ultra-fit too!!!. From fungi, insects bugs slugs leaves, flowers and lots more.


Nightime Single Gallery

Being a storm chaser, I dream of nighttime storms, but we don't get many in the UK. A small gallery with the moon, ISS and a few other things.


Ships and Boats Multiple Galleries

Photos of ships and boats with a contributing photographer adding his old images.


Wildlife Single Gallery

British wildlife with UK zoo animals.


Travel and Landscapes Multiple Galleries

My full-on adventures in the motorhome let me see and do far more and boys its fun. I visit and photograph our everyday world, the landscapes you see from your car window with villages, towns and countryside parks nature and whatever catches my adventurous eyes.


Covid 19 house bound photography

Are you bored at home during the covid 19 outbreak? That you can't use your camera. Well, you have loads of fun things in and around your house to photograph. You need some emagnation and the photos will flow..

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Photography subjects

With so many arguments over who does the most different subject in photography, well with me, I do multiple styles, so I give you my thoughts which is the hardest.

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Kit Reviews and going mirrorless

No messing and to the point kit reviews. A simple, why I bought and would I recommend it. With Canon's new R5 out one day, I will be leaving the DSLR for good and thank the Lord for that, find out why...

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About - Reviews - And An Adventurous Life

Meet the adventurer and artist

I'm Katey Jane or KJ; I'm A crazy, adventurous and a very random person who lives life to the full. This website is my life, how I live, and what I do day in day out. I'm A 100% free-spirited person who travels around the UK in my motorhome looking for that next adventure...

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A new page for 2019, Testimonials and Reviews

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Back to basics in the motorhome

Almost fully based in the motorhome, my heart amd mind lives for adventures but making this happen is taking time.

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