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About me Katey Jane photography

about katey jane photography

Hi, I'm katey jane Andrews, owner of Katey Jane photography. A photographer since the age of 7 and turned professional in 2013.

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My whole life has been one of adventure; I learnt to live off the land, taught to fish since the aged four, to walk the saltmarshes and brought up the hard way. I was brought up around farming and land work which made us as hard as nails.

Left school aged just seven to work on the land, was a child artist but gave that up after a sexist male teacher didn't like my skills, it is very much the same in photography as many guys do not like my ability!

Being closer to nature, where walking and hiking is my life and passion, the camera has always tagged along for the ride where I let the magic happen as I wander along. I capture the world around me as I see it in whatever mood takes my fancy; I do not edit my images and feel editing is cheating.

Bringer of Gifts, male robin feeding female in mating season

Being dyslexic helps me connect with all kinds of subjects and turn most things into art without thinking. I'm entirely self-taught and adjust my style to suit different conditions, which is often fun because I have no idea what's around the next corner. I do not plan photoshoots as that would be not very interesting to me.

I suffer from many health issues, including progressive chronic fatigue syndrome, leg and lower back problems which often cripple me in lots of pain, but I still manage to walk up to 25 miles per week.

I never head out to be a photographer because I find photography as a kit subject very dull; it is a tool that allows me to show you all kinds of beautiful things around the UK.

Storm chasing UK, lightning and weather photography Cambridgeshire.

My main passions are storm chasing, weather, architecture and birds, but I photograph much more.

I use a Canon R6 with a modified EVF rubber eyepiece, and the camera is used in manual control. I also make my picture styles and love to work on the camera when out on my adventures. I strongly feel I can take the R6 to the next level with the picture styles.

Using a camera to capture different style shots without editing takes skill; with constant tweaking for various conditions and subjects, it's hard work but great fun knowing I can upload jpg direct from the camera to the website.

katey jane andrews motorhome and lu lu bear

I've been living full-time in my motorhome, which I converted to be a home to be entirely off-grid all year round, which let me be with nature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Being no fixed address has its downsides in the UK, mind you but I,m a fighter and will get there one way or another. This website and all its photos and blogs are, in fact, my everyday world. My youtube channel is about adventures videos and reality. I do not act, talk or make fake images or videos; what you see is what you get with me.

I love being the cat amongst the pigeons, the cat being the female in a male dominated subject, I have looked on camera boxes and many other things and I have never found where it states for males only. I'm no stranger to sexisum in photography, death threats, stalking, hate mail, trolling and even porn sent to so-called photographers all in the name of a bit of fun. My business adviser used to say, with that amount of hate I'm doing very well because the chaps see me as a revil and a threat to their masculinity. I used to say, it's a pity some are unable to grow up!

To be a female in photography you have to stand up for yourself, if you hit a high level of skill hate, stalking and other extream things will be heading your way.

Katey Jane Andrews

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