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Katey Jane Andrews

Welcome to my life

I'm a full-time professional adventurer and artist-photographer, my home and office is the Spirited adventurer motorhome.My place of work is the great outdoors.

I can't say I have a set lifestyle or photograph under set conditions; it is living day by day, taking life as it comes and photography as it comes.

The camera is there to do a job; it lets me document real life, moods the beauty and the hell, I wish to show the reality of life and remember nature is never perfect, so there's no need for photograph whatsoever!

You know, to go rambling in the British countryside where you have no clue what you will see is rather frilling. I di like to try and park within the range of a church, I then walk through fields, bridleways and footpath and may cover around 4 miles. The camera plays such a small roll in my day to day life

Most of my childhood was spent drawing and being out in nature; I hated school so started bunking off aged 7, even at an earlier age I felt the school was so wrong.

My adult life was taken up by sports and only got into photography after a terrible injury in 1998. I turned full-time professional in 2013 but soon became bored with photography as a subject because as a subject it is so bloody dull. I could not stand there doing a workshop or chat about camera kit, OMG! How boring. In my world, I grab the camera, off I trot and let it happen.

Biker of 18 years hence the MV Agusta 750 F4. Love bikes and always will love MotoGP, bsb, the TT and the Johny rea championship AKA the world superbikes. Ohh hate cars they are so slow!!

Trust me photography is simpler than you think, I feel that many wishes to make it harder, but why boggles my mind.

Writing along the way

As I drift across the British countryside looking for new adventures I also like to write about my experiences. But being dyslexic doesn’t always many the words will come out right but let me tell you this, don’t be put off by spelling mistakes (typos) it is you as a person nothing will change you and why change?

My travel writing is from the heart, I have no interest in stating what is not there or sugar-coating something to make others feel good. I’ve only really just started writing after buying a new Chromebook this lets me plonk my bum anywhere and start writing where the desktop feels restricted, it also has noises cooling fans which seems to affect my feelings.

There’s always a story behind a given trip out and behind many photographs, where my feeling may be strong or I saw something that no one has seen. Remeber you go out and capture a moment in time and with that moment there will be a story behind it.

Updating my website with writing will take many months to years. I think of hand it has some 200 galleries, I did keep count so don’t know precisely.

The power of the dyslexic mind and it's pitfulls

Driven by dyslexia, it should be terrible issues to have, but for me, it drives me, it gives me the ability to see the world in different ways to the average person. I look far more in-depth at the issues humans have caused nature, this then allows me to show the real world, both the stunning and the grim everyday

One of the keys things with being dyslexic and its the part I do hate, I'm only able to write from my heart, where my emotions can run riot where things can be said. Some will find what I say uncalled for, it is hard to control tbh, but it makes me tell the truth I guess, I,m a rubbish lier so instead, I like to be to the point if it offends or not.

Also, I'm still being diagnosed with MS, The tests are ongoing, but I think I will soon find why I trip over and have no feeling in my hands. Often so ill nowadays I sit in the motorhome dreaming of going rambling.

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