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As Morpheus once said; welcome to the real world! from the film the Matrix

28/02/2020. After nearly 20 years of no stop health issues, the doctors finally found I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME). The last few years have been so difficult. Basic walking becomes so painful after a mile also. Along with the ME I need an MRI scan on my lower lumbar due to possible infection and to top it off, the doctor noticed my hands are curling and twitching so have to go back for another nerve conduction test soon.

In my world, a world without; Photoshop, bracketing and HDR, I like to show our planet in natural ways, I would hate to spend thousands of pounds on camera kit, fuel and not to mention a lot of pain to then go home and edit my hard work on a PC. Do you know mother nature is raw beauty? So why ruin her work with software.!

I don't like editing whatsoever, spending the least amount of time in front of the PC works for me. I have a fully calibrated set up. The camera is calibrated as close as possible to canons own software first then going over to Adobe Lightroom. LR is not that great with colours. The easiest way to level out the colours is to open both Canon and LR and have a few of the same images on the camera, you will soon find the issues and will be able to get a good match in LR. With a set of base setting and knowing where to have the cameras brightness set, I know when on location, what I see on the back of the camera will be very close back on the PC. If any changes are needed, it takes just a few seconds.

For a very accurate exposure, I use a black tube I place over the camera screen when in strong light and combine that with the histogram makes for a quick and easy shoot. I don't trust the histogram that much when going for a supple shot. When photographing real and natural moods, it suddenly becomes a different ballgame than relying on editing at home on a pc.

I observe the world in my own ways and study nature with an open mind.

I'm a passionate naturalist and combine both documentary and art together. I drift around the British countryside looking for new adventures and write about my experiences along the way. But being dyslexic doesn't always many the words will come out right but let me tell you this, don't be put off by spelling mistakes (typos) it is you as a person nothing will change you and why to change?

Katey jane photography, macro photography shoot You know, to go rambling in the British countryside where you have no clue what you will see is rather frilling. I di like to try and park within the range of a church, I then walk through fields, bridleways and footpath and may cover around 4 miles. The camera plays such a small roll in my day to day life.

I write from the heart, and I have no interest in stating what is not there or sugar-coating something to make others feel good. I’ve only really just started writing after buying a new Chromebook this lets me plonk my bum anywhere and start writing where the desktop feels restricted, it also has noises cooling fans which seems to affect my feelings

It was time to give up the mundane and boring Fenland life last year (2019) and buy, convert and move in full time and head off on adventures. Living an adventurous lifestyle and being free is dam fun let me tell you.To park up for a few days and go off and wander around the countryside is the most relaxing thing I know, to be free from the rat race of life, I would not change it for anything, I highly recommend going fulling off-grid and campsite free. Click on the motorhome image to see how I converted the Van for an off-grid lifestyle.
British off-grid motorhomes-boondocking in the UK-The river Deben Bawdsey Suffolk. There’s always a story behind a given trip out and behind many photographs, where my feeling may be sharp, or I saw something that no one has seen. Remeber you go out and capture a moment in time, and with that moment there will be a story behind it.

All that you see on my website would be and is my daily life, what I would do on a typical day. I have not gone out to buy a camera, then go off to try and a photographer, remember that saying you can't teach art, well that is very true if you are not art mined you will never see, feel or connect with a given subject. You got to be willing in the first place to go out and freeze to death or get struck by lightning. If you genuinely have a passion for something you should be able to see some art. the camera can only take a picture, buying a camera will not automatically make you an artist.

The power of the dyslexic mind and it's pitfulls

Driven by dyslexia, it should be terrible issues to have, but for me, it drives me, it gives me the ability to see the world in different ways to the average person. I look far more in-depth at the issues humans have caused nature, this then allows me to show the real world, both the stunning and the grim everyday

One of the keys things with being dyslexic and its the part I do hate, I'm only able to write from my heart, where my emotions can run riot where things can be said. Some will find what I say uncalled for, it is hard to control tbh, but it makes me tell the truth I guess, I,m a rubbish lier so instead, I like to be to the point if it offends or not.

Other Interests

Love fish and chips and a massive bike fan, MotoGP, BSB, WSBK and the roads like the TT. I was Used to be a biker for 18 years. And did a lot of sports in my younger days from golf with a handicap of 3. semi-pro nine-ball pool player—snooker (big Jimmy White fan). Nine years a mountain bike racers and runner and spent throughout my childhood to the early 30s big into fishing. I' m a free-spirited person who has her own fashion and lives life as I see fit, If I say something needs saying I will say it, it's as simple as that!.

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