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I'm a full-time professional adventurer and artist-photographer, my home and office is the Spirited adventurer motorhome.My place of work is the great outdoors, and I live via Kate's rules even tho the law seems not to like my rules. You only live once so fuck it! Trust me it's brilliant to live as you please, I never thought I would, but anyone can do it, it's having the willpower to break away from the rat race!

My life and art are straightforward. I like to ramble, taking in the new surroundings and photograph what I find interesting. I work alongside nature and the subjects in front of me; I never need photoshop because I wish to show the real-world PS is for cheats in my eyes! The real world is full of beautiful things but also full of shit, I have seen throughout my 43 years of living for adventures the harm and destruction humans have done to the countryside, so why cheat in photoshop to cover up that horrible reality?

The camera is there simply to do a job, and it lets me document moods and the reality of life, remember nature is never perfect, so why fake it?

My whole life is based around feelings, moods and the conditions around me; I have no idea what I will do or feel until I'm standing in front of something. Nothing is set out or planed; the unknowing is just so cool.

Left school aged 7, so hated it and the stupid teachers, I wanted to get away from what I felt even at that age was a production line of robots. I suffer from dyslexia and going through tests for MS. Being told that dyslexia has given me this gift to see the world unlike others was exciting but also a pain in the ass due to I'm terrible at writing but can only write with strong emotions.

Most of my childhood was drawing and being out in nature, was a child artist but found that drawing was too dull, that's where the camera came in, it gave me a chance to document things. My adult life was taken up by sports and only got into photography after a terrible injury in 1998. I turned full-time professional photographer in 2013 but soon became my back on the photography subject because as a subject it is so bloody annoying. I could not stand there doing a workshop or chat about camera kit, OMG! How boring. I grab the camera, and off I trot. When you get to know how cameras work they are so easy to use even in full manual, don't ever let someone say they difficult because they are not.

Ohh I love MotoGP, BSB (British SuperBikes) TT and any bike racing. Ohh did I say I,m bike mad!! Eighteen years a biker and got to own an MV Agusta F4 750 some years back. Through injuries, I drive cars now, and they are the most annoying things I know of. I hate cricket and F1 and have many interests that would take up half the internet.

So Photography is for males only? those rules no longer work in this modern world!

So Photography is for males only? those rules no longer work in this modern world!

I read and see where men think photography is just for them but hold on!!!, Where on the camera box does it state for men only?? It's not a porno mag now, is it!!

Art comes from within a person and not a lens or camera. Nor a certain gender. Live your lives and stop comparing yourselves to me and each other, you not clones you know or are you???. Don't get upset if someone is better than you (Darren Green Port of Sutton bridge shipping manager) That's life so live with it or take up another interest!

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