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Capturing the real world as I seek new adventure around the UK

I'm a passionate wonderer of life, a keen naturalist and love to combine both documentary and art. I drift around the British countryside looking for new adventures as I can't settle in one place for long. I live full-time off-grid in my motorhome and home called The Wild Thing.

I'm straight talking and to the point person who wears my heart entirely on my sleave who takes no shit from others in life. Cut a long story short, born in the dull and lifeless Cambridgeshire Fens in the worse town in the world called Wisbech. Spent many years playing around with film cameras as a child. Left school aged just seven years old due to their lack of understanding me as a person.

Dyslexia is the driving force behind my photography and everything I do in life. With photography, I'm able to change my style to suit a given subject; I never go out with set ideals or plans; I just let the magic happen. It is often full of mistakes and mishaps.

I used to use a horrible Canon 7D mk2, a real lump of shit of a camera which never worked, and now own a Canon R6 mirrorless which is the perfect camera for my style. When it comes to editing, I do not edit; I hate editing!! With a passion. Why edit our natural and stunning world?. I would rather be out walking the great outdoors and capturing moments within the camera.

Passions in my life MotoGP, bsb, wsbk, TT and all things motorbikes. Life and adventures and fish and chips.

Lastly, I’m not here to please other photographers as I am an individual.

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