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Katey Jane Andrews

Hello there! I'm Kate and based in Wisbech Cambridgeshire, in the heart of the Fens, I live in a village called Leverington that's just 2 miles outside the town.

My photography life is simple to explain, I'm self-taught and live for adventures, to see new places and to help nature, I will change my style to suit certain moods and subjects. What you see on my website is my life, it is no hobby or job but what I have chosen to do.

Fungi madness

My first lightning photo, back in the film days in 1995.

I never really set out to be a photographer, yes I always have used cameras most of my life but never gave it any thought to doing it as a full-time artist. My mother bought my small Kodact cameras way back in 1975 and wasn't until around mid-80s I purchased my first full-frame film cameras, a Praktica MTL 50. My photography life was just an interest, and my real passion was for drawing. Was an up and coming child artist until one teacher set out to destroy my dreams, he would call me a cheat! And a fake! Because I was miles better than the over kids and him, he couldn't get his head around that fact that I had something the others didn't. I stopped drawing and left school at the age of seven.

Wasn't until later in life after in the mid-90s that my interest for photography took off, all thanks to one stormy night and after years of trying management to capture a lightning strike behind out local church. That feeling when I looked at that photo was excitement but a strange sensation too, an urge towards the power of nature, to observe the storm and lightning felt natural, I was drawn towards that world.

I often have different kinds of emotions and feelings towards subjects, and I wish to have those feelings remembered, it may be hate, sadness or joy. I'm often moved by what's around me and don't need the camera to have those feelings. I want to document my perceptions of the world around mean. I love to tell stories with the images.

Life away from art was hard and still is, living in Wisbech Cambridgeshire in the Fens in one of the most deprived areas in the Uk brings nothing but sadness and depression. True be told the Fens is the worse place to be an artist, with its flat, lifeless landscapes, no nature and endless agricultural fields that seem to go on forever.

I decided about five years ago to live my dream and just head out on adventures. Its fun, It keeps me healthy and fit, its one of the best ways in life to see new places, its great for escaping the rat race. Nature goes at is own pace, and it forces you to do the same. For many its about the camera or to some it's about how many followers you have and to others it's a contest to see how has the biggest lens, for me its a chance photograph struggling nature, to document the issues I see and to show all nature is worth keeping.

I don't see dead people just black and white haha when in the Fens

A self-taught photographer who doesn’t believe in Photoshop

I'm a passionate nature lover and wish to document our wonderful nature in natural ways, I'm also a storyteller at heart but with my dyslexia that can be difficult to do often. So for me to edit the life out of my work using Photoshop would be an insult to my feelings but modern photography has changed the way pictures are made.

I own a mid-priced Canon 7D mk2 and use just a few settings within the camera, for birds AV mode with manual Wb, for macro 99% full manual with flash and those landscapes manual mode only. The cameras tracking system for wildlife seems a far cry from the good old days of no auto whatsoever, even had to wind the film myself!

I use Lightroom for raw file processing and have developed a set of three standards presets to match the camera screen and its software, this then cuts out editing and lets me be free when out knowing the dam software won't mess up my feelings. I find editing removes the soul from the pictures. I'm a user of natural light and see the cameras dynamic range limitations to my liking, and it suits my style so to speak.

Using Photoshop removes the whole idea of being there. art comes form within and not software. Hunstanton rocks no editing.

Random stuff about me

The F4 750 with my crazy cat Molly

Things I like:

Once was a proud owner of a beautiful Italian MV Agusta F4 750 superbike motorcycle (see below). A Carbon and titanium-clad bike with carbon wheel by BST. Those wheels were handmade to order and were so cool. It took 3 years to save up for this work of art. But being only 5 feet 4 inches tall it was a bit of a stretch to reach to the floor lol.

Things I hate

HDR and Bracketing.

F1 and Cricket

Used to love footy until they started diving like they in the Olympics.

Social media has turned people into animals it's that simple

What you’ll find on this website

This website is a collection of my work – over 7000  photographs of landscapes, wildlife, architecture and much more and all within the UK.

You can instantly buy your favourite photographs to use them on your own website, your business projects or as a print to hang up in your house.

You can order the prints right here on the website with just a couple of clicks. And if you’d like to hear the stories behind single photographs.