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Katey Jane Andrews

An adventurous photographer from East England


Hi, I’m Kate, an adventurous photographer from the Fenland countryside in Cambridgeshire, England.

Truth be told, Fenland countryside is one of the worst places to be a photographer. No trees. No hills. Just endless flat fields. But it taught me to see beyond the objects and look for the mood of nature.

To capture special moments and places, I often go out before sunrise. A few breaths of fresh air, and I feel like the weight of the everyday problems is lifted.

I got my first camera, a Kodak compact, when I was 6 years old. But it wasn't until later in life that I became fascinated with photography after taking a photo of a lightning during a stormy night, if someone eve asked me, which is harder, photography or running this website, the website will win every time, it's a job in it's own right, A never ending job.

Photography is my antidepressant and a way to take a step back from a rat race of life.

Whether it’s getting muddy for a macro fungi shot, standing still to capture a shy bird or staying up late to see the full moon - for me, every photo shoot is an adventure.

My adventures also help me take care of my auntie who’s struggling with dementia keeping her body active and mind busy bu sadly this is getting harder as the weeks go by.

A self-taught photographer who doesn’t believe in Photoshop

I’m a self-taught photographer who prefers to shoot her photos using the manual mode of the camera. I love playing with the white balance on my favorite Canon 7D mk2.

I love farming and could watch the machines working in the fields for hours. Take this caterpillar crawler, for example. An ordinary machine, you may think. But with the colorful trees in the background and dust clouds from under the wheals, it becomes a manifestation of power and perseverance.

Random fun facts about me

Things I like: Motorbikes (I’m a big fan of Cal Crutchlow and Marc Marquez, and a proud biker for 18 years), Bob Marley, UB 40, Scooter, OMD, Pet Shop Boys.

Things I don’t like: Spiders, mindless cutting of trees and photographing people (Not my thing. I’d rather run a mile!)

Things I care about: Lack of places where you can have a long walk (so many places are private land these days), that we mindlessly destroy our nature and are forgetting our past and history.

What you’ll find on this website

This website is a collection of my work – over 6000  photographs of landscapes, wildlife, architecture and much more, almost all shot in East England.

You can instantly buy your favorite photographs to use them on your own website, your business projects or as a print to hang up in your house.

You can order the prints right here on the website with just a couple of clicks. And if you’d like to hear the stories behind single photographs, you’ll find them on my blog.

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