St Mary's Church Felmersham and Local areas Bedfordshire

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The church dates to around the mid 12th century with a few modifications made around the 15th century. The church is dedicated to St Mary's and Felmersham village is about 7 miles north of Bedford just off the A6.

For me, the most exquisite view of the church is across the bridge over the great river ouse, the church sits about 100 yards from the river and looks stunning. It is something I had never seen living in the flat, lifeless Fens, so it was a welcome sight for very sore eyes.

This part of the village will flood, giving views incredible views of the power of mother nature. It is a natural flood plain and be warned! Don't try and drive your cars through those floods, as you can see the water always wins!.

If you have read my other stories regarding Bedfordshire churches, you will know there was some of my first. St Mary's is just a few hundred yards from a nature reserve called Felmersham gravel pits. This beautiful place almost feels swamp like, with old fallen trees and overgrown lakes and one massive lake to the east, there's a carpark which never seems that full but I guess with other nature reserve and walks locally people has a range of places.

On many occasions, I was meant to go round the church, but the draw of nature and walking became too much, I was more interested in the church from the landscape, for someone from the Fens where life is so dull I felt if I had to make the most of my time

For walkers or ramblers, there's good walking around the lakes, and along the river, the paths will lead to the village of Shanbrook where another church stands, and yes I never photographed it, why I have no idea.

The countryside, in general, is rather stunning for East Anglia, it's not known for hills, but there are gentle rollings types which for someone from the flatlands feel like mountains and often felt that I needed guides and ropes lol. There are oak trees and hedgerows everywhere which is nice to see, in the spring you have the yellow rapeseed oil crops giving that extra splash of colour to the landscapes.

Just down the road to the east, you have Sharnbrook and Radwell lakes with four large lakes and the beautiful looking Viaduct. It was made famous for a while on the news after a human head was found below the bridge in 2015. These lakes are great to see the beautifully banded demoiselle and other damselflies and many species of dragonflies. You can see them in their thousands on some summer days.

If you are coming from the Bedford direction, you will find the village of Milton Ernest. By driving through the town leaving the A6 you will see some fine looking landscape, and I highly recommend walking around that area, there's plenty of parking along the roadside, and if you were to drive towards Radwell which is about half a mile out of Milton ernest you could park just before the old stond bridge. There is a beautiful walking along the great ouse, and it takes in the open countryside one side and an ancient woodland the other. When the great ouse floods it covers a vast area and can look dramatic as the water flows over the road.

St Mary's Church Felmersham and Local areas Bedfordshire