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St Mary church Keysoe and Landscapes Bedfordshire

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Keysoe village is about 8 miles North of Bedford and can be found along the B660 road, and St Mary's sitting just outside the town along church road, it stands tall in amongst the trees with its tall spire.

After seeing Little Staughton church standing out on top of the hill when I first moved to Bedfordshire, I thought I try some church photography and never knew it would become one of my top subjects. You only start to find your capabilities when pushed by certain things in life, and I never knew my strong artistic feeling would come out in the ways they did and do now.

My life is about being outside, and the camera is a second thought, and it has always been like it. Moving from the bland, depressing Fens to Bedfordshire opened up a whole new adventure with loads of lovely places to walk. I would set out to take in the countryside, nature and weather and simply photograph whatever caught my eye. I have no interest in setting out to take photos to be a photographer, that to me it is not what my life is about, is it about seeing the unknown and never know what's around the next corner.

When out walking and taking in the surrounding you almost become one with the place, I can feel the sites I visit and contact with the moods, Bedfordshire lovely countryside has a feeling of peacefulness. With soft colours and gently rolling hills. When you see the churches that stand out in the landscape, it gives a scale and contrast to the whole feeling, and it's almost if the church there long before humans.

This part of Bedfordshire seems to have many churches with spires where many parts of Norfolk seem to have square embattlement types. I used to enjoy paring the car miles away and walking to the churches, something you can't do in the Fens due to there are not places to walk unless you ok with boring old roads. You can soon cover 4-5 miles in a walk to see a church, its an excellent day out and a dam fine ramble out in nature too.

St Mary's was the first church I photographed. I didn't know about the carvings, window styles, fonts and much more, but as the years went by my interest grow, but I wanted to keep to the art of the buildings. I soon found that the lighting was often stunning and I could connect with this new mood. Things like trees, old headstones and fog would create different feelings, I soon found I saw a very Gothic side to the old architecture, and this is something I enjoy, a foggy day can turn the same sunny day photo into a moody, almost haunting look.

I never did get inside this church but when inside any church the lighting can be more of a draw to me than the architecture. I often think this is how the church would have looked hundreds of years ago, not in HDR or Bracketing but lit by natural light. And this is where so many photographers get it so badly wrong for me, when in a church always look at the lighting, it will be harsh if the sun is out, it will seem dimly lit and moody so why to destroy that beauty with over editing or HDR it makes no sense.

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