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St Margaret of Antioch Church Knotting Bedfordshire

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St Margaret churchyard with cloudy springtime skies, Knotting church Bedfordshire.

This tiny church with it's small but wonderful churchyard with nature around sits about 1 mile from the A6 and approximately 7 miles from the North of Bedford. What I liked about this church was the stone wall and how the building looked surround by trees. Also being a nature lover the churchyard was awash with wildflowers, it was almost like a small nature reserve and a most welcome sight.

The village of Knotting dates back to Saxon times, and there's not a great deal of, but it is stated that the village has always been small with around 100-120 homeowners. This church was one of the very first I started to photograph, and I had no idea about architectural terms and what to look for and even after five years I still find architecture a tricky subject, but it's always great fun when learning something new.

St Margaret Knotting Bedfordshire front view under sunny skies

The church dates to around 1176 and has Saxon origins due to the arch that leads into the tower. The chancel arch between the Nave dates to 1140, with the chancel rebuilt in the 14th century and I this was the first church I had gone into to photograph.

The main door and only door is 16th Century in date and, Mr C. Magniac of Colworth built the porch in December 1888.

Bedfordshire churches - St Margarets church Knotting in springtime.

Being I haven't lived in Bedfordshire since 2016, writing about this church brought back a fun but painful memory. On one of my adventure walks in the coppice wood (Risley) around 4 miles away I thought I try and walk to the church, well it went wrong, I got lost and ended up near Melchbourne. After starting my walk near Riseley, I met a lady riding a horse and said hello but never thought after 7 miles and 4 hours in I would meet her again, lucky for me I did as I had no idea where I was. My pedometer was showing 12 miles, and my legs were saying "please no more!" it was and still is one of the most painful walks I have ever undertaken and that lead me to have tests for leg issues which to this day is still ongoing in 2019.

I hope to go back to Bedfordshire in this year and relive some of the good old days and to complete the photos I never took. The gallery below contains more info under the images. Just hover over the words to view the writing, also all photos for available to buy in download form.

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