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My black and white photography is often driven by my moods and weather conditions. Most often the weather will give me the perfect feelings for certain subjects, with mist and fog leading to Gothic architecture or my old style gritty fens landscapes, with the right conditions old English churches automatically takes on a Gothic mood. I can clearly see subjects in multiple styles which can be fun but sometimes hard to understand, I often wonder where these feelings came from but have notices patterns, if I hate something or I'm in a bad mood I will see it in monochrome.

When it comes to clouds and storm chasing, the moods and power of the clouds drive different feelings, feelings of excitement where they can be photographed either in colour or black and white. When shooting storm clouds, I often use my Lee Filters to give a sense of dark mood to the clouds, the rain can be a bit of a pain, but that's part of the fun.

When the conditions are right most subjects can make for great black and white photos, I tend to look for high contrast too and if that's not there will use foreground interest to push the backgrounds back within the image.

All my photographs are taken on location using full manual camera control and with basic or no editing. I never use Photoshop but want to get the best from the camera using the filters and my skills as an artist.

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