Black and white Photography

That age-old saying; when the mood takes you really does aply to me and my wondering lifestyle. Much of my photography is unplanned and is often driven either by my feelings or the conditions or both on a given day where the only rule is no rule, I simply walk along and capture a moment in time no matter the place or weather.

Covering most of the East of England, including villages and churches and nature. Shooting remote everyday locations is vital, it shows everywhere can be photographed if given a keen eye and the right mood! I enjoy seeing and experiencing new places and will shoot exclusive and very different British landscape. The bleak, depressing Cambridgeshire Fens is excellent for those moody old styles, almost Gothic photos. If there is only one rule, grab your camera and get out in the big full world.

English Photos For the Home or Office

From framed fine art prints using real pine wood, to photo mounts and paper only prints. Or why not buy a download for your next personal or commercial project.