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My real-world review of Canon's 10-22mm EF-S wide angle lens for APS-C cameras.

For a lens that's been around since 2004 it doesn't feel old but does have some issues, but in all its one of the most fun lenses or use if you are willing to put up with its problems or find ways to work around them.

The 10-22mm, it's an old lens and the most used lens I own, its simply a fun lens to use, its not heavy or bulky, It's used for 90% of my church architecture photography through to landscapes.

The filter thread is 77mm and if you looking to buy a set of filter like the Lee system, their 100mm system works spot on.

This lens has no image stabilizer and to be honest it doesn't need one. I'm able to grab shots down to 1/15s at 10mm. the autofocus just works, the USM is fast and quiet. This lens works at its best stopped down, from F7.1 through to F11 will get the best results at 10mm, at 22mm F8 and you won't go wrong.

So now you wondering what the oversized hood is for! well, with storm chasing and weather photography comes a few problems, for one the rain can be a nightmare on the front element but when using filters, it becomes almost impossible. Just one droplet of water on the filter will ruin your day's work.

The hood, and thanks to all those years watching blue Peter lol. I used a square plant pot, (stolen from my mothers garden) but first made a cardboard template, making sure the hood doesn't cover the field of view, it was then cut to size, and when using the Lee filters adapter it slots nicely in between the screen threads and filter plates. It allows full use of the filters yet keeps them nice and dry even in heavy rain. The hood cost £0 and lets me be free to photograph mother natures most beautiful moods.

Undulatus asperatus thunderstorm sky Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire landscape and storm chasing photography

Weather photography is all about speed and not standing around messing with tripods, and the weather will not wait for you, so for me, it's about fast movement, a wet lens or filter will slow you down severely. Also and most people find me crazy, I enjoy walking in the rain and bad weather generally but cameras and lens won't handle the weather that well. I'm not too keen on using camera covers, so I am looking at a different style of cover.

The little 10-22mm lens is a good lens with issues around the edged with terrible distortion, but if you use your head and keep the main subject interest away from the edges the lens is then usable in most situations. I wish I could upgrade the lens but there's no point, even with Tamron's new ultra wide angle lens that's only slightly better, doesn't really make me want to upgrade.

I have developed my own style just for his lens, I'm not interested in Photoshop so wish to try and get things right on location and with these lenses, it can be difficult. So I use foreground interest style and place the main subjects higher up within the frame, this cuts out about 85% of editing but with subjects like churches where you may have a tall spire and small church grounds you will get those converging verticals, you can either go with that style which can look so cool or use LR to straighten slightly.