Life in the Fens through the camera lens, this month February. - Katey Jane Photography

The lifeless Fen though the lens, this month February.

January passed without much to talk about, with just a fleeting glimpse of winter with our almost yearly flash in the pan snowfall.

So what does February hold for the most beautiful landscapes on earth lol in the Fens? Well, the first two months of the years are almost spelt the same and that goes for our scenes with very little to no change has taken place.

It's been warm, crazy mid-spring-like conditions and my last three trips out into the Norfolk countryside looking for churches have shown just how miserable the fens is. I was meant to put this in the January Fens blog. We found churches with snowdrops out in full bloom yet not a single flower to be seen in the bleak Fens. There's a combination of issues in the Fens, open landscapes where the wind can be cold and harsh, overuse of pesticides and over man management, no wildflowers ever get the chance to grow here.

Now what bird should I photograph first! mmm The Fens rivers are full of wildlife, REALLY!

The Fens has been long forgotten by all and that showed on our local ITV news, they covered, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and a few others places but failed to stated that a young racing driver who comes from Tydd St Giles lives near Wisbech or Sutton Bridge yet they said Kings Lynn that's 20 miles away.

On Friday 16/2/2019, me my mother and her sister went for a day trip. I took in a few churches along the way, we stopped at Deepdale chippy North Norfolk (ohh those fish and chips are great) and went on to Weybourn just a few more miles around the coast. There we found people out walking, fishing (beach casting) and living life but you never see this in the Fens, its like life went extinct millions of years ago.

The dumping ground. the land that time forgot

Fenland is the perfect place if you were looking to isolate yourself away from others and the world, but it's not one of those out in the countryside lifestyles because this isn't countryside, this is a landscape made solely for agricultural means. Do you like walking? Or seeing different things, then the Fens isn't for you. No doubt I will offend in what I say but you just can't sugar coat this place, there's not enough sugar to cover here lol.

So on the news, they state that spring has sprung early!!!, ohh so could you please post some spring to the Fens, please. I've never seen spring colours in the Fens until I moved to Bedfordshire a few years back, I thought I was colourblind until I saw the colours in those Bedfordshire woodlands.

Coppice woods Bedfordshire, a far cry from the colourless dead Fens.

Well, it's almost the end of another month in HMP Fens, yes some of us call this place a prison and a prison sentence with no parole lol.

Let's bring on March, I wonder what wonders are just around that corner!!!