Life throughout the year in the Fens, This Month, January - Katey Jane Photography

Life throughout the year in the Fens, This Month, January

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The month of January 2019 warning contains strong language.

I hope to be moved away from here this year, was born here but need out now, after 43 years of nothing but a bland dead and for at least  5 months of brownfields each year I just can't cope with life here anymore. But before I go, I will try and cover each month and show you the changes in season or the lack of.

The Fens or Fenland covers parts of Norfolk but is mostly taken up by Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. well Around the world, you got your seasonal conditions, like of snow, springtime flowers, summer storms and those stunning autumn colours but the Fens isn't like that whatsoever, to me, it's a colourless world, with little in the way of spring colours and autumn colours well forget that.

You now wondering why is that place so bland! well, the culprits are humans and their greedy and careless ways, if you want to see what a future looks like without trees or wildlife then you need to visit here. I'm not one of these people why will put on a fake show just to please the masses, it's why we in this mess now. sometimes things need to be said to open peoples eyes if it offends so be it.

These monthly blogs will be super fast and apart from one photo will be all phone camera shots, why because I can.

The countryside from Hell. mobile phone

The month of January isn't far from a mid-summer look when the crops have turned from greens to brown. Winter here is just crap, very little snow or frosts which never hangs around that long.

Agricultural fields take up about 98% of the landscape and will have an almost lawn look. You will see the odd farmer out crop-spraying. Life seems to be at standstill, but never really changes throughout the year. Take a walk along one of our many odd-looking drains (will get to those later) you may see a few mute swans and the odd moorhen dashing across the drain. If you very lucky you may see a buzzard passing overhead but be quick they are being shot by crawl farmers and their hillbilly mates you know who you are and I could name you chap!

I'm into loads of adventure so this is one hell of a bad place to live, with only two places to walk with one offering a full lap. When walking there, don't expect to see much other than burnt out cars or worse hare coursing, when you come across these people you keep well away.

Little south Holland drain, mobile phone

Ohh yes people really live here! well sort of, more like exists until they die, This is real everyday views we see from our car windows, forget those cute well-sorted landscapes or sunsets as that's people going out looking for it like myself. The real Fens and real ugly truth about how this place looks from around Late July through to April,

Even the river or Drains to give them their real names! are so bland with the same look for mile after mile, all the drains have the same odd look, lifeless too with little in the way of wildlife, as you can see the drain has no birds but hey! would you want to live there? if you a nesting bird where would you nest? maybe nest in the reeds well hard luck they are cut down, ohh what about up the river bank well you shit out of luck there too, the grass is cut often, killing all life. this place sucks for wildlife.

Ditches or dykes they everywhere to kill you. mobile phone

A world full of ditches or dykes to the locals, the only place where nature like butterflies have a small chance to breed and lay eggs, the only place where you may find bank voles, if you very lucky but again like almost everything here the grass is cut, those springtime wildflowers never get a chance along with all the nature that relies on those plants.

But Kate wait the butterflies have other places right? well no unless they want to feed on endless miles of brown or green corn crops, so no there's nothing.

Nature here is so poor we hardly see common butterflies. bird life is rare, wild ground-dwelling animals well forget that and forget about those and nature reserve like Welney wash and Wicken Fen, those places are not everyday life.

If the bumps don't kill you then those dykes may well do, drains have no fencing and that combo of terrible bumps and no fences sees many dying as they sink in their cars and become trapped

Phone photo

Straight lines everywhere you go. Dog walkers walking along the roadside as they have nowhere to go, the land of the lost. 

The most fucking hopeless lifestyle I have ever seen and I really don't care who I offend, I'm not here to sugar coat life and will never if it needs saying I will say it.

But now you can get stunning art from this shit hole when you think outside that stupid normal box, it's easy to be no normal here as no one is normal lol when the weather turns bad, snow, fog and storms it does look so moody.

When the skies go crazy the Fens comes alive. DSLR

With some thought, you can really make even a crap place like this come alive with mood. You need to work alongside nature. it's that simple.

If you don't like what I have said well hard luck. live with it, the truth is often painful but the only way to when life is that shit!