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English and Migratory Birds

My interest in nature stems from my childhood, as a child was never interested in school, just at and nature, I would buy the weekly magazine the living countryside which came out in the early 1980s and to this day enjoy looking through those old books.

Would often play truant from school and go out on adventures from the age of 7. Well, this never went down well with my mother or the schools, and to this day I blame them for not noticing my dyslexia and better late than never I was diagnosed with serve dyslexia just a few months ago.

For many years, I had thought about bird photography, and got the chance after buying my first long lens in 2013. I soon realised I was able to connect with the birds in ways many others never seems to see, I could see their caring, fun and moody sides, even though they can't show those feelings on their faces.

My photography style has always been about the birds and only the birds. I have never set out to upset or force the wildlife to do thins they don't want to do. If you can let them be themselves, you will see their natural sides shine. I have never once been interested in photographing that particular bird, or the most colourful, but to show all ornithology from pigeons to raptors, They are all the same to me, and all come with a unique mood.

Some of the most exciting birds can be found in your gardens. I made a small portable hide, costing £23 to make and it has served me well over the last four years, I often use it in the garden to watch the house sparrows, they get as close as three feet and will argue like politicians. Watching the birds in the garden, you soon found patterns and hierarchies, this can be very interesting to watch. Did you know that grey doves will fight and beat up wood pigeons? And win every time!

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