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British and Migratory Birds

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Since the age of 5, I have had a keen interest in nature, from insects to birds of all kinds, used to study and sit for hours watching life. And this had nothing to do with photography as that came later in life. For many years I used to try and understand how birds lived their lives, learning their moods and how I could get as close as possible without upsetting them.

Walking is one of the joys of nature photography, you getting out in nature, away from the rat race, where nature has only one pace of life. The camera plays just a small part in my life but to some its the only thing, so for the boring bit, the camera is an old Canon 7d mk2, and my prefered lens is Canon's 100-400mm L mk2 and sometimes used with the 1.4 extenders if the weather is right. This lens is perfect for me, its due to it is used for all kinds of subjects, from landscapes to church interior shots, the camera and lens combo works super fast and can handle all types of weather conditions. I don't use covers

In 2013, I would put all those years of bird studies into action when doing photography and it paid off straight away (the Dunnock was my first photo of any bird). Never photographing birds before I found it fun and simple to do because I knew what the birds were going to do.

Photographing birds has always been about the birds; I have no interest in showing off on social media. Where People comment on how well you have just taken the photo, this does not show a passion for the animals but just to show one's camera skills.

Showing all kinds of birds from the so-called dull through to the cute should always be done if you are a true nature lover. People who can only photograph certain kinds of birds or other animals are not nature lovers in my eyes and are just glory hunters!

I want to make this very clear. I never once set out to disturb birds and especially when they are nesting, or with young, they have enough on their plates without some clowns poking cameras into their lives. You will find you will get far better photos and views of birds when you play by their rules. Going in like a bull in a china shop will get you nowhere, and you don't need to dress in full army camo gear if you understand nature first then you find it will let you closer than you think.

Sometimes birds are not that, and you won't get close enough. Or you want to sit and wait to see their world without putting other creatures off. When I need to I use a homemade hide, it cost just £20 to make and is portable in my kit bag. (will add a photo of the hide later!)

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