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Cambridgeshire Churches

The mostly forgotten churches of Cambridgeshire and the Fens, well it feels like it anyway. Cambridgeshire is my home county, with vast, bleak, depressing flat fields that seem to go on forever, it has dead straight drains, ditches or dykes as the locals call them and you would think you would see every church due to no trees, but that's a myth, in fact, you can hardly see any churches, is feels so devoid of life.

Driving through some of the small villages in the Fens, you will find churches with no spires or bell towers, it feels to me if there's was little to no money to build elaborate churches as you would find in Norfolk.

I'm told often by churchwardens that they have no money Ohh Dear. Still, there are some stunning buildings, with Tydd St Giles being my favourite with its detached bell tower and if flying roof angels are your thing, then you won't go far wrong with march church with its 124 hammer-beam angel roof.

Ok, so what I put is rather damming but hey, if you can't tell the truth then why bother at all. We do have some fine medieval archuecture. Still, you have to do some research as many are tucked away, almost out of sight from outsiders. You will not see churches standing out as you will, say in Norfolk or Bedfordshire , there you will often see the buildings standing out and away from the villages.

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