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English village churches, Cathedral and Ruins

A walk around history

Britain has some 42000 churches with 124 round tower types, (the round towers can nearly all be found in East Anglia) and most are still in use thanks to the hard work of locals and charities, otherwise these marvels of craftsmanship will of been lost forever.

When visiting these buildings no matter how large or small it's like stepping back in time when times was hard going, often wondering around the churchyards you can see history hidden away. Many of the buildings have some form of restoration but when you think most will be dating back 800 years or more it's to be expected.

Do you have to be religious to go walk around them, no I'm not religious at all, I love to see history, it's an escape from the modern crazy world, they peaceful places.

I'm slowly covering churches as I wonder around the UK,  covering both art (beauty of the sites, the mood and lighting) to the more detailed and historic side.

For Information regarding subjects about the buildings i work with a good friend and keen UK church historian. The info can be found within the info and comments section under images, these are updated with info when he comes across the right types.              

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