City of Peterborough cathedral - Katey Jane Photography

City of Peterborough cathedral, A walk around history

City of Peterborough cathedral

Living only 24 miles from Peterborough, I thought I better get my butt down there and take a look at the cathedral, Peterborough is the closest city for us and used to go shopping there often, passing the main gate to the cathedral and just looking towards the building thinking one day I go take a look!! well, it's taken about 15 years to do so haha, using my artistic skills I can take you on a photographic walk around this magnificent building. this isn't about me as a photographer but a person who really does enjoy the world around me.

Parking the car in any one of these car parks seams the best options in Peterborough nowadays. Here heading towards gravel walk through the small park offers the best walk to the cathedral unless it's the shop you after too, the story continues in the image captions...

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