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English churches by county

Bedfordshire Churches

Where my church photography started, after moving to Bedfordshire and found a new start on life, I started to find churches very arty, the moods, the look and feeling of the past just started to suit my style.

There's some stunning churches in Bedfordshire but sadly due to pc issues I lost around half the photos. With all my photography I find new as I go, the joys of life is seeing the unknown.

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Cambridgeshire Churches

My home county of Cambridgeshire, I have set out to cover all local churches and other architecture, to bring you the very best of the Fens, there's a lack of interest from local people within the Fenland areas, We have many wonder churches and some rare detached bell tower types.

This site offers both art and info based with the info part slowly being updated all the time.

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Lincolnshire Churches

My mothers home county of Lincolnshire, part of the Fens sits in Lincs, it's a stones throw for me, living on the borders of Norfolk and Lincs makes for a simple life.

Have almost covered the Fenland churches of Lincolnshire with just a few to go.

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Norfolk Churches 

Norfolk is almost home to me, after spending most of my childhood visiting many places, it's now time for me to cover the churches, as normal the fun part of all this is seeing the unknown.

For Saxon round towers see the link below.

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Whether you into architecture or not these are stunning and dramatic looking buildings. The UK has around 42 cathedrals and would love to see them all. These offer such a range of moods for artists, the lighting is just stunning, such moods can see seen in almost every part when inside.

Cathedrals covered so far Peterborough and Ely, I have also added local buildings and what eve takes my fancy to the galleries.

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Saxon Round Tower Churches

Round towers are mostly found in England, with mostly in East Anglia, with around 185 left in the country, 124 can be found in Norfolk, for Suffolk 38, 6 in Essex, 3 in Sussex and 2 in both Cambridgeshire and Berkshire.

These are far from Cathedrals in style and almost the other end of the dramatic scale in dullness and that's the draw to me, a truly wonderful little buildings.

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