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Cathedrals, Churches Abbeys and Ruins

Below is a growing list of wonderful old buildings, the lists are separated into counties with the round towers having their own listing.

Bedfordshire Churches

After moving to Bedfordshire in 2013, I soon started to notice how wonderful these churches looked standing out in the countryside.

What I have seen after four years of church photography, Church in Bedfordshire often stand away from their village, most will be due to the black death but in Cambridgeshire where I'm from all the churches are within the communities, why I have no idea.

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Cambridgeshire Churches

My home county of Cambridgeshire. Was born in Wisbech and still live in the village of Leverington which contains one of the most beautiful village churches in the UK allegedly!. The flat, bleak Fens, you would think you see the churches standing out in the landscapes, but this isn't the case due to the flatness of the Fens.

There's Tydd St Giles church with its rare detached bell tower and St Wendreda's of March that contains over 100 roof angels.

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Lincolnshire Churches

The county of Lincolnshire, my families home county of Tydd St Mary south Holland, Mums father used to live in the old cottage next to the churchyard of St Mary's, and that cottage remains there today.

There are some beautiful churches here, and Long Sutton has the oldest and tallest wooden spire in the UK, and just a few miles down the road at Gedney, you find the Cathedral of the Fens St Mary Magdalene, the largest church in the area.

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Norfolk Churches 

Norfolk is England's most easterly county with its mixed bag of round towers and wool churches. Anglia was once the richest county in England, and you can see that when driving through some of the villages. In some places you can stand and see church towers dotted everywhere, it is like a medieval architecture contest where gone mad.

And we must not forget those lovely old round towers, around 124 remaining and most in Norfolk (more on round towers in the link below).

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Whether you into architecture or not these are stunning and dramatic looking buildings. The UK has around 42 cathedrals, and I would love to see them all. These offer such a range of moods for artists, and the lighting is just stunning.

The Exteriors of these buildings are dramatic and Gothic looking. When you enter, you enter into a world of magnificent architecture, it is simply breathtaking and needs a good few hours to take in these man-made wonders from ancient times.

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Round Tower Churches

Round towers are mostly found in England, with most in East Anglia, with around 185 left in England with 124 in Norfolk. For Suffolk 38, 6 in Essex, 3 in Sussex and 2 in both Cambridgeshire and Berkshire.

If the Cathedrals are at the overkill end of the style scale, then the little round towers are at the bottom end, but this less dramatic look is the main draw for me, these are genuinely beautiful and cute small buildings.

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