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Hey Hey I'm Katey Jane Andrews

Welcome to Katey Jane Photography

Turning Adventures Into Art

I'm a Professional adventure photographer,  Specialising in mood photography (or art) is for me one great big adventure with a mixture of all kinds of subjects for all kinds of people, I call it turning adventure into art. I offer a wide range of professionally home printed art & stock image download for all clients.

What am I about

I'm Katey Jane Andrews but most call me KJ, I'm a Cambridgeshire UK based pro photographer (self taught) I'm all about adventures & being super-creative. Life long interest in photography and just over 4 years as full time professional.

Photograph has always been a life long interest but up until March 2013 I really never bothered, would take photos without thinking or just for fun but some kept getting noticed by my friends and they would say take photography up for real!, well it was just an interest and had no intentions due to my life was taken up in the 90s by mountain bike racing and running. In the late 90s I was often injured or suffering from back pain issues and after 9 long years of hell (I often wonder why I put myself through that now day's) my body couldn't take no more, with constant  hospital trips, broken bones and injuries my doctor said I need to look for another pastime and that's when I started the photography, often out walking to keep fit still but would take the camera more often and it still took me all those years to go full time and try to make it work as my art-form and work in March 2013

My goal from the word go has been to show you my world and give you the chance to take a wonder around the UK from the other side of the world and I like to photograph what I call the real UK, the everyday landscapes and not the man managed nature reserves that's not real anymore, what is real is over farmed farmland!, you know the places, you drive along and see endless crops with little in the way of trees or nature!

My passion for learning and seeing new things is what drives me and combing this with family days out is just my perfect lifestyle. I will have something in my mind and then want the right weather conditions if shooting architecture or landscapes then off I go and sometimes will take my mother & her sister for the ride, this also helps my auntie  who has dementia so keeping her active really does help, we may well stop off for meals and pop in the local shops, it's great fun and often I will go off walking and find my artwork.

I would say I'm a student of the natural world where the learning never stops and it's so important to enjoy what you are seeing long before you touch a camera! I often see on FB, twitter and well most website where photographers hangout the shock horror (for me) photography seams to be about the person behind the camera! you telling me you just go out and have no interest in what you shooting? but you going out to look cool on social media? wow no wonder I can do all that I do as I love the things I'm seeing! I don't get drunk on Friday nights or do drugs, never smoked and done the relationship (I'm too much for partners to cope with as they like a normal life!) stuff and I thought this really isn't me so I made the fun choice to live a full life and the things I have seen and done have been for me miles more fun than going to pubs (like to paragraph coming up.

By now you thinking! shes cool or hate me. I guess I never live for others and why I never bother with social media. I have to FB page but never use it, I find it so dull that your friends are words on a keyboard, it's great to keep in touch but isn't my lifestyle!

My Crazy life (now why didn't I call my photography, Crazy Kate's Photography Adventures lol)

The storm chasing is more like the frill of the chase, when watching the lightning detecting apps and weather radar it's just such a buzz, the thought of driving out to meet the show is like watching an action packed motorbike race, parking up and watching the distant lightning glowing in the sky, setting the camera up and watching and haring the thunder get closer just makes me feel so alive, the anticipation and the hope in capturing one of natures most dramatic moments like this stunning show of natures power Lightning over Cambridgeshire, it's the sights and sounds that's the draw and will often chase some storms just for the experience without the camera.

Agricultural & Commercial Sector

When it comes to the agricultural side of my photography life, I take on call photo shoots which is fun and offers me a slightly different form and with my crazy and chilled out manor it makes for fun shoots.

Think the coolest thing was getting a ride in a Case axle flow combine harvester and this One (click here) that was so much fun, would of loved to drive it but would of ended up cutting the trees down lol.

Craft Fairs 

What's that old saying? all the fun at the fair? Craft fairs for me have been a mixed bag and a long drawn out process of printer and monitor set up, around 6 months it took but the final quality of the prints is just stunning, it shocks me how good printers are for home use.

Always wanted to make my own wall art prints and gifts, it's the type of person I really am. It's getting hands on and love to restore old frames, it gives my work a very personal touch and makes my hand finished (restored Prints) very limited editions.


My other passion in life

Being a biker for 18 years I'm very much motorbike obsessed and watch all racing from the TT, British super bikes, World super bikes and the moto GP.  if you watch the racing you will know what I'm on about but if you don't you may well struggle.

How would I describe racing, well a frill a minutes, brilliant and honest racing, been to many meeting from club through to Grand Prix 500cc back in the day, It's a passion like no other, maybe more than the photography, I get to escape to a world of high speed frills and spills and mostly will take up 3 days from Fridays to Sunday's when the Moto GP is on.

My other passions are all combine with the photography, car boots sales, eating out, walking and visiting new places and if I was to do photography classes I would base the classes on adventure and having fun, A more chilled out shoot, I think being yourself is the best way in getting along, If you up for a different form of photography where you may end up storm chasing or doing some fungi macro which would mean getting mucky then why not drop me a line, I cover some parts of Norfolk, Cambs and Lincolnshire, fancy a email janeandrews805@yahoo.com

It's believe in yourself and never let others tell you you can't! I'm far from a good writer or speller but that never stops me, yes it's frustrating but I tend to find a way, I may well hold the record for the most spelling mistakes and sometimes mess of my photography and website up, thing is, it wouldn't be me if I was perfect. Someone once said, I'm the most random person they have ever met, which made me laugh, sometimes I have no idea what I'm about to do lol. I need a sat nav for my mind sometimes hahah.

Hope you enjoy my world!


Daily & things to do section

Moments and daily life Cal Crutchlow Wins the Moto GP for Great Britain!

Moto GP after Sundays race 08/04/2018

What an outstanding race with the start being the most crazy i've seen, Jack Miller on Poll, made a great start but with all other riders pushed back on the grid, never have seen this before and was a shambles and seemed to be a mess of the rules, anyway the race was brilliant with Marques given a ride through after stalling on the grid so it placed him nearly last but he battled through as he does but started to become after to aggressive and pulled some stupid moves, causing one rider to run off track then hit Rossi causing him to crash, I love Marc but that was some silly and dangerous riding.

The battle at the front was between Miller, Zarco, Rins and Crutchlow and what a battle in tricky wet and dry conditions with Britain's Cal Crutchlow winning a filling race.

And the fun and Mayhem begins today 20/04/2018 World super bikes at the TT at Assen and moto GP at the circuit of Americas.

Latest work and uploads above, some may well be working parts for the website.

   Plans, Days out and Shoots.

Looking at Monday to Kings Lynn Norfolk UK, just 15 miles from home, it's going to be a rainy day and still weather conditions and with a high tide at 13 23 I hope to get some nice moody B&W shots of the docks and old buildings. Old customs house shots did a few shots years ago but been meaning to go back and shoot the mood if possible. the shoot went well and to plan talking in Kings Lynn. 09/04/2018 Kings Lynn shoot (completed)

Trip out for 10/04/2018

Mum wants a trip out to a local garden centre, (Baytrees) near Spalding Lincolnshire, mm around 20 miles away so got my eyes set on Whaplode (new gallery with a few images but need to go back to Whaplode  HERE and Westom village churches Lincolnshire. best laid plans out the window, went to another garden centre so did 4 moody Lincolnshire landscape shots first 4 see here

Trip for 16th through to 20th weather depending

Landscape photo shoot planed for next week beginning from 16th to 20th April, taking in one or two of the Norfolk coastline harbours, the weather is looking very nice with shockingly high temperatures lol of 18 degrees and sunny. Looking at Morston  harbour & architecture and Cley, all went wrong and never took place.

Trip planed

One that's taken a few years to get to lol, Norwich cathedral and outer streets near the end of next week 18th - 20th April put back!

Ride out today to Surfleet, very interesting old style river Here and foggy conditions Lincolnshire landscapes HERE.

Trip to Banham zoo 18/04/2018

Fun day at the zoo and taking in 3 churches well i just had to lol with 3 family members moaning in the car, like kids they wanted to get to the zoo asap! for me it's far cheaper to stop of so hard luck for them.  links to the new churches St AndrewAll Saints Hargham andSt Mary the Virgin Eccles.

General chit chat & trip requests

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