List of Lincolnshire churches - Katey Jane Photography

Lincolnshire Churches

Lincolnshire has a mixed bag of medieval churches, they come in a range of sizes and colours, from the standard stone colours in Norfolk's to the greenstone that is popular in Lincs Wolds.

Most churches stand in beautiful grounds which seem to lack nearby buildings; this may be a result of the black death. They lack elaborate carvings as seen in many Norfolk churches. For such a hilly place, they don't stand out in the countryside like ones seen in Bedfordshire, but are lined with far more trees and not as tall.

Like Bedfordshire, the Wolds offers plenty of walking opportunities, and if you plan your route well enough, you can walk to many of the churches which for me I find enjoyable.

I'm very new to the Northern parts of Lincolnshire, especially the Wolds. I plan to go back in spring to see the colours and those beautiful yellow fields which will make a change from the bleak Fens are for most of the year are a dull brown colour.

24th March 2020