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British Butterflies

One of summers most delightful sighting if you lucky enough to see them, sadly our butterflies like most other forms of wildlife is struggling in the UK with numbers declining steadily each year, to blame is over farming and the use of pesticides! 

Efforts are being made to save our nature but I just hope it's not too late for some. In my home county of Cambridgeshire butterflies are a rare site in some places with the so called common types having only a few sightings a month.

I have set out to photograph what I can and to show you these stunning insects before they are gone forever! showing you they are worth keeping, It's just trying to jogs people's minds. So if you spot one and say, ohh! I sore one of those on Kate's website and you think mm not seeing many, then I have done my job, it's about caring for nature and not photography, obviously I sell my work and have to due to the very high running costs of this site, it doesn't run itself!

See my guide to British Butterflies it's full of info about what they feed on and what times of the year they can be seen, it's handy if you plan to set up a nature garden, I also have a how to build a nature garden Here it's fun and very cheap to build plus the benefits it brings for nature is most important.

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