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Norfolk Churches

So the Uk has a few churches, I think I read there is some 42000 of them and I feel most are within Norfolk alone!. Take a look at Google maps, and you will see what I mean, it's funny, I can stand out in the countryside and see bell towers poking out the trees all around, I often wonder if they are following me about as they poke their stony heads through the treetops haha.

When researching where to park the motorhome, I often see churches within a mile of each other and having little to no homes nearby. I don't get why there are so many churches plonked in the middle of nowhere without a congregation to visit them.

Part of the enjoyment when visiting these magnificent medieval buildings, I will park the motorhome a few miles out in the countryside then walk to the churches if possible. Being a person who loves the great outdoors, who will cross fields, roads and go of the beaten track to get to where I,m going can be a fun adventure, I often see no one for hours. Taking in the local landscapes and nature, this is why you will see such a wide range of subjects with the churches. I love to photograph the essence of the local areas.

England's churches contain some of the most interesting architecture, you do not need to be religious or a highly skilled historian to enjoy such wonders, I have no interest whatsoever in the bible or any form of religion. I see old buildings as an excellent opportunity to escape the modern world and to let my artistic moods flow. I wish to show the heart and soul of each building, the churchyard with the trees, graves and the lighting, bearing in mind that people are buried, but I don't see death within the churchyards but a beautiful place where a person goes back to nature and becomes one with it.

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