St Mary Magdalene one of two churches in one village

Visted and wrote 20/11/19

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A lady rowing a small boat with tower mill Burnham Overy Lower windmill behind. After spending the night parked up near Burnham Overy lower, I thought I would take today A bit slower, so an hour watching Guy Martin trying to break the record for the fastest tractor, Guy is always a great watch if you have seen him.

Warham church North Norfolk in autmn colours After watching guy, I set off to visit this church, one that I had no clue about until my friend asked me where Warham village was the night before, and since this was in the general direction I was heading in I thought I would take a look.

Have to say, trying to park a large motorhome near the church was a nightmare, but with a bit of luck the church gate was just the right size to fit the motorhome in, which gave enough room for other vehicles to pass.

Awash with Autumn colours

Warham church North Norfolk churchyard After walking in the gate, first thoughts, a lovely tree-lined and colourful churchyard, the trees wherein vibrate autumn colours. The churchyard was having some beautiful cists or tabletop tombs. The church again is a typical Norfolk type, with flint and a flushwork to the bell tower embattlements.

Warham church North Norfolk south porc The south porch built from square flint was entirely different from the main building and the inner door having an interlaced Y tracery.

Warham church North Norfolk south chancel priest door The south of the chancel has an elaborate prests door and archway. I have not seen anything like this before. Every church I have visited always has something different to offer even if they look the same from a distance.

Going round to the north side of the church was a letdown, I was shocked to see the modern brick building and didn't match the rest of the church.

Heading inside, well I would have liked to of gotten inside, as the door was firmly locked I had no chance and with no info for keyholders it was a hopeless cause, it is unfortunate to see doors of churches locked, the days where they were open for all have long gone.

Last thoughts, it's another beautiful and very typical Norfolk church. Parking is tricky unless you own a smart car. As for looking inside, well that may be for the lucky few.

Well, it is on to the next church at Morston about 8 miles down the road and then on to Salthouse where I will be bedding down for the night and write this.

Warham church North Norfolk from the ion age fort camp Note, This village has two churches plus an iron age fort to the south, the views of the church from the fort. (pic)

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