Shipping & boats, Sutton bridge & Wisbech ports and beyond - Katey Jane Photography

Along the nene river plus Sutton & Wisbech ports and beyond

Most photos within this gallery have been taken along the river nene from the wash marsh Lincolnshire taking in Port of Sutton Bridge on Google maps through to Port of Wisbech on Google maps. all other photos will have location info within captions.

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To Darren Green

Lincolnshire Biggest child

So this is for you Darren Green, the man who got his girlfriend to try and stop me photographing ships along the River Nene Lincolnshire. You set out to destroy me, you get your friends to chase others, you turned on everyone who knew me just because of you're jealous, you caused major issues in a Facebook group, you told others lies about me so now it's my turn. To Darren Green the shipping manager at Port of Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire, you a sexist little child, you local to me so I suggest you confront me like a man! the winner gets the river! If you want to act like a child I treat you like one.

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