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Shipping and Boats

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Something I never really thought about photographing was ships, until one morning when the Pauline B cargo ship was coming down into the mouth of the river Nene Lincolnshire with the colours of a stunning sunrise. How it looked to set the photo off and seeing the birds passing by it made for a whole new thing. After that, I would take the camera along the river on my walks and would shoot the ships as they passed by. They make for a great arty subject when including local interest. I am no ship spotter and never wish to be and see them as an artistic subject.

Well with such simple things like walking along a river and taking a few ships wouldn't cause a grown man to act like a child but it did. I can name and shame because of it is my website and what he did to me and others he does deserve it.

The manager at Sutton bridge port a Mr Darren Green, Who also does photography of ships along the river nene thought he would try and boss me around after he found out I also photograph ships. And the jealous man child didn't like that so thought he would make my life hell. But yet he didn't stop there. He also harassed all the people who knew me through the ship groups I was in with them. Sadly for the immature child, he picked on people who knew far more than. You see sexist remarks where men think they can only use cameras and god knows what else no longer works. I have not seen on any camera box or signpost along a river where it states men only but! or is that a figment of their imagination! That they genuinely believe it is just for them.

No woman or man should ever feel threatened by the opposite sex, we are all the same and if you think intimidated by someone then move on!

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