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My review of SmugMug's websites.

So I'm not being paid by Smugs and they really should to shut me up lol.

I,m keeping this short and will not use any sugar to coat my feelings.

What I like, Its a simple design layout and easy to use, drag and drop content blocks with HTML and CSS coding options.

This site is more suited to a bog standard photo sharer, if you are looking at a complex text with photos well forget that, you might as well piss in the headwind, they are simply terrible, 0 out of 10 for their text blocks.

No matter what happens with issues on SmugMug their heroes never see any wrong yet have no words to say when they are, I have found 4 bugs in the system so far yet it took hours to get them to look past their big-headed ways. some heroes are helpful so 5 out of 10.

You can't use your own payment system; they want you to use one of their print companies where you do all the work only for them to take around 70% or more, ohh SmugMug takes their 18% share too for nothing, I hate this part, no options for my own work 0 out of 10.

You can't use any google maps features; you can't have clickable slideshows 0 out of 10.

You can't use RSS feeds; you can't use iframes. It's crap! 0 out of 10

So why do I use this old dated design you are now wondering, Well adding my HTML and CSS, basically bulldoze the hell out of their design, I just use their download sales system and use my own payment. to have my own website built would cost me around £5000 and this SmugMug site costs £170 a year if you are willing to rip the guts out of the site you can turn it into something others than a photo only site. The only problems, when updating coding it can take months.

I have asked SmugMug loads of times why don't you add a text wrapping system but nope, they seem to be image only interested, so for someone like me who also runs a documentary and writing website this is a bloody pain in the ass but one i,m slowly making it my own.

If you just a happy snapper and want to see only photos, SmugMug is for you but if you are looking to add loads of text then stay well clear of SmugMug unless you can code or know someone who can.

By the way to write the text you need to add it to the HTML block if you build your own which is time-consuming as hell.

Even one of SmugMug's heroes uses a separate website not of Smugmug to write his text in!

Now SmugMug if you want me to rewrite this then ££££ it talks lol.

Text wrapping isn't part of SmugMug whatsoever so I have made my own.

Just a small part of the HTML coding.