English churches in Suffolk countryside framed prints-All Saints church Wordwell Suffolk.

Suffolk Churches

Suffolk churches and the landscape was very new to me, I’ve only ever passed through a handful of times. After buying the motorhome, I wanted to take a look at the architecture and countryside, to see what was on offer.

After spending just a few days down south, I was impressed by the beauty of both the landscapes and churches. They seemed to compliment each other most beautifully.

I found Suffolk to be a bit like Norfolk, where you could stand on a hillside and see a large number of church towers and spires. But I felt that the landscapes of Suffolk were far more tree filled with woodlands and hedgerows stretching for miles where Norfolk had more fields.

Walking in the countryside felt more beautiful than Norfolk’s inland walks, with more freedom and far less private places. Parking the motorhome off-grid was more accessible too with less hassle from crazy farmers. As for nature and especially owls, Suffolk wins hands down over all other places. Trying to sleep in the motorhome with screaming owls at night was fun but made us think about the state our local bird population was in. Only when you move around the countryside, you get an understanding of the issues with nature and other things.

29th March 2020