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Brainstorming and map of my mind

Just a quick and unusual way of trying to make others understand one person.

Over the years I have been asked why can I photograph one style then another and another, the writers asking why this and that as they often try and understand me as a person. They tend to find me interesting after I often state I dislike photography.

The painters I chat to say often find I'm ruled by moods and not to be just to photograph forsake.

I once did a brainstorming session due to life issues and was asked about all kinds of things, so I thought about making a though picture brainstormers.

So what you see in the pictures is what I feel and see. Also, I see this all the time without the camera, so I'm taking pictures in my head when I,m in the right mood. It's fun to understand yourself if you are wondering why you do something.

To many it's just about taking a quick snap and to someone like me has a whole other meaning.

My dad is one of those people who will look at a TV program and look at the face, seeing nothing else, where I will see the whole thing, edge to edge. 

Its do you buy a camera to have an interest in nature or do you have an interest in nature then buy the camera? Its the same with all interests that will have a massive impact on the outcome of photos no joke!

If you are stuck and not sure why you can do something but you just can't put your finger on why then try brainstorming or a mind map.

I never really knew why until my diagnosis of dyslexia which seems to give you an ability to see the world in different ways. 

Understanding yourself can be hard sometimes, I knew many who's stuck in life I was and sometimes still am but I know try and go with the flow.