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Landscape and places. The sole purpose is to show the real world without Photoshop, without HDR or bracketing. When I take photographs, I try and show the real world with all of its atmospheric differences and not to show oneself skills. Showing the ugly side of our planet is vital, it displays the issues but sometimes our world is stunning so I show that too. It's about the place and not about me or the camera. I plod along and see both beauty and hell.

If you a photographer now looking at this page, are you currently reading or just looking to compare your skills to mine. A camera is just a tool which allows me to bring you the best and very worse in our country. I want you the next time you are out trying for the one shot of a lifetime to look around you and notice new things and look for issues. Issues like a lack of birds, no insects, trees being cut and lots more. I often get people looking closely at their surrounding, and they come back to me and say, Kate, you are right, there's a problem! You need to view the world around you with wide angle eyes, and sadly that means not being just the prize-winning photographer but much more!

Look at the image to the right or below when viewed on a smaller device. When do you see or not see? Do you look at how I took the picture?. But wait! Something is missing. Its mid springtime = there are no birds on the river, there are no wildflowers, only the daffodils which was planted by humans, so they don't count. I often use this kind of test to see what people are seeing, and no one has ever noticed until I have to tell them. When people notice these issues, they become more downhearted which is good. They go away wondering what's going on. Has it got you thinking or you still just looking at photos? I want your thoughts and use the contact me page.

Landscapes and Travel

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