Bedfordshire - Katey Jane Photography


The landscapes are gently rolling hills agricultural crops and hedgerows everywhere, it was great to walk there, where you hear no cars a see no one.

After living there for three years in the small village of Thurleigh, I found wonderful nature and places to walk, with churches that stands tall on hills to the great river ouse that runs through the countryside. Moving from the bleak and bland Cambridgeshire Fens where trees are rare and rivers (drains) are straight and lifeless, so seeing the great ouse for the first time, both trees and a twisting river came a bit of s shock.

There are woodlands that are dotted all over Bedfordshire and offers fantastic springtime colours, something again I had never seen in my life, to see a bluebell woodland for the first time is simply eye-watering, (where the Fens has no springtime colours) its a carpet of colours and just to sit in the woods and take in those colours makes you feel alive and the best part, you see hardly anyone, which is sad in some respects, you do see the odd dog walker or horse rider but that's about it.

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