Church of St Mark's Friday Bridge Cambridgeshire and Local Places

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The little leaning church of Friday Bridge Cambridgeshire. This church is unusual in several ways, for one it doesn't look like any other church in the area, and secondly, it's on the lob.

St Mark's was built in 1864 and designed by J.B Owen in a decorative style and no dought they forgot about solid foundations. But this is normal for some buildings in these parts due to the soft Fenland clay soil.

Black and white photo of The Parish Church of Saint Mark Friday Bridge Cambridgeshire.k

The leaning church in the Cambridgeshire Fens, the Parish Church of Saint Mark Friday Bridge. The church can only just be seen behind all the trees, and when looking at the signpost and looking at the picture, you get a sense this church has a few issues or the person who drew the picture was drunk. But walking down the path, you soon see why the whole church is sinking, Its Fenlands answer to the leaning tower of Pisa haha. The church grounds are nicely kept with more trees than most of the local area has on a whole, well it feels like it anyway and there's hardly any room to get wide shots even with the 10mm wide angle lens.

Walking around this churchyard, you get a feeling the end is nearing; it looks forgotten, and the north churchyard was so overgrown that I couldn't walk around there, it's perfect for nature mind you.

Like many of the isolated villages out in the Fens, you get a sense you are driving or walking into a world that's well and truly trapped in the dark ages. Elm church that's 1 mile down the road I had a guy follow me around the churchyard so me being me I went towards him, to make a point that I knew he was there and ready for any issues. People here are not used to outsiders even that I'm only 3 miles down the road, but in Fenland terms, that's lightyears in the distance.

Church of St Mark's Friday Bridge Cambridgeshire and Local Places