St Paul's Church Gorefield Cambridgeshire with Local Places

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St Pauls, built in 1870, is a small flint with a stone built church that is tucked away out in the sticks somewhere in the Cambridgeshire Fens and is Just 1.5 miles from my home village of Leverington.
Autumn colourful tree leaves at St Paul Gorefield Cambridgeshire Fenland churches photography
It's one of the villages you pass through going somewhere and never stopping as it only offers one pub and one shop, overkill is a word that has yet to be heard here. This beautiful little church is the centre of the village and is the communities best atraction. The churchyards are rather lovely and best seen in Autumn with its massive maple tree, this tree is a rare sight here, with little in the way of trees left in the Fens to see those colours makes you remember you not in a monochrome world.

Black and white picture of St Paul church Gorefield Cambridgeshire UK

The church has no bell tower, it is a bell-cote type and is in the early English period of English Gothic. It has elegant buttresses with flint flushwork and inlays. When visiting this church, I was so interested in the tree and foggy conditions on my second visit that I completely forgot to photograph the details of the building. but as it is just down the road I have meant to go back for the last ten months, even booked up to go yet due to health issues I'm not able to tell when I can go anymore.

Ohh the key is in the local shop that's about 150 yards down the road, you sign your name. Well, a very cute little church, well wother stopping off if you are passing through but I highly recommend as I said in the Autumn to see that colourful maple in all its glory.

St Paul's Church Gorefield Cambridgeshire with Local Places