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The county I come home and like so many people out there, I should say I love every minute, but that's miles from the truth. The Fens is like marmite, you either love it or hate it and I hate it. Life, in general, is terrible, rubbish towns like Wisbech, it is so bad I haven't been in the town since 2013, it offers nothing unless you a drunk or drug addict.

The Fens offers just a few places to photograph, one of the best places is, of course, Ely and Peterborough cathedrals. The great ouse that runs through Ely is rather stunning, and the city is excellent for old architecture down some of the streets.

Fenland has some beautiful churches, one of my favourites Tydd St Giles is a detached bell tower type and Marsh church having over 100 hammer beam flying roof angels. Most of our churches are not open, or you have to contact the keyholder, unlike Norfolk where most are open, but this seems to be a Fens issues due to the isolated locations and a lack of interest in these old buildings.

The landscapes, well mmm are not landscape or countryside but just agricultural fields for as far as the eyes can see. From mid-summer Autumn kicks off in style, as soon as the corn crops turn brown in July to early August its a world of brown until mid-March, it is indeed is one depressing place!. Forget those autumn colours, and there are no trees or springtime flowers.

Best times to photograph the Fens is when the weather turns bad, where most people will run for cover when it rains but I will go out in all kinds of weather. Its the nature of the place.

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