Saint Dunstans church Bolnhurst Bedfordshire

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Saint Dunstans' church sits amongst the trees upon a small hill near the village of Bolnhurst and dates to around the 10th century. It's about 7 miles north of Bedfordshire and was one of my first church after moving to Bedfordshire from the bleak Cambridgeshire Fens in 2013.

I used to drive past this little church and would think wow that looks nice how the bell tower seems surrounded by the trees within the landscape.

Bolnhurst village church in snow Bedfordshire landscape photography in black and white artwork.

My first visit was on a sunny but cloudy day and soon found a few public paths through the cornfields, unlike the Fens where you have nowhere to walk this felt like a small leap for Kate kind haha. I took a walk out in the area and was taken back by the beautiful views of the church, for the first time in my life I had seen a church on a hill. So I sat there and just took in the views.

I watched the clouds turn this church and countryside into art before my eyes. I wanted to show the peacefulness of the day and the moods of the black and white, both fitting in perfect harmony with the church and landscape.

A rare sight for me was to see fog and snow. When it did snow, I was shocked to see so many people struggling to get their cars up a small hill with 1 inch of snow laying on the ground. Anyway lucky for me, I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way to photograph the winter landscapes just outside the church so managed to grab some snowy photos. This church is just stunning to shoot in all kinds of conditions.

Springtime Bedfordshire landscapes, Bolnhurst church under cloudy skies.

I often wondered why the church sits away from the village, yes I know about being on a hill brings you closer to god but why so far from the village. Soi started reading up, and this is what I found.

The churches isolated position is the result of the medieval village of Bolnhurst being wiped out by the Black Death in 1348. The dedication of the church to St Dunstan is probably the result of the manor of Bolnhurst being held until the Dissolution by the monastery of Thorney with which St Dunstan was intimately connected. And oddly I now live again just 10 miles from Thorney Abbey
back in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Now, this was one of my first churches, I didn't know you could go inside, and I had no idea about the architectural subjects that are around the building, my interest has widened to the information and types of beautiful items that are inside and out of the churches. I would love to go back and get inside the churches near to where I lived in Thurleigh.

Saint Dunstans church Bolnhurst Bedfordshire