All Saints Church Little Staughton and Landscapes Bedfordshire

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The beautiful church of All Saints, the church that started my architecture interest off. When driving through Bedfordshire on my house move in 2013 from the dull, depressing Fens one of the first views was this church, how it sat upon the hill against the yellow rapeseed oil crops looks beautiful. I almost couldn't wait to move in and start my adventures.

After just a few days I took a drive out to the church but was so drawn to the views. Eventually, I went to the church itself but still couldn't stop looking at the views from the churchyard, Anyway, after I got my head around hills, trees and hedgerows, I took a quick look at the church but soon found out I needed a wide angle Lens. So the next day off I drove to London to buy a secondhand canon 10-22mm lens, as new in 2014 and it's still going strong in 2019.

I do plan to go back to the churches this year and hope to within the next week also. So a bit about the church, it is a. 15th and 14th-century architecture with some 13th-century work remaining. I do remember part of the spire fell in around 2014 and scaffolding was in place for several weeks. The church still just away from the village along a dead end road.
As you can see the landscape is rather lovely with beautiful views to the North and on a clear day, you can see some parts of Grafham water. Also, there are some lovely places to walk here with large old oak trees dotted all around the countryside..

Something I did notices after moving to this part of Bedfordshire, there seem to be more churches with spires wherein the Fens they are few and far between, but I put this down to foundation issues in the Fens, where some church towers fell. And also the wind (know as Fen blow) that would blow across the flat, bleak, treeless Fenland landscape. I would love to cover all the churches, but it's impossible for one person, but I have happy memories of my short time in Bedfordshire.

All Saints Church Little Staughton and Landscapes Bedfordshire