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French drove near Nene Terrace Lincolnshire monochrome moody landscape photography artwork prints

French drove near Crowland Lincolnshire, a place so far away from a life that you would think no one lived out here, it's bleak and not very nice to look at but sometimes with the right weather conditions, it comes alive in some spots.

One a still misty grey old day with white-out clouds it makes for the moodiest landscapes where the countryside just slowly drifts away to nothing, It's almost an instant old faded photo look.

The river well they really called drains is the new cut drain and is typical of 99% of Fenland waterways, they straight almost dead straight and is so badly monitored it holds little in the way of wildlife but the Fens has been forgotten and no one cares about much. as you can see there's nowhere for birds to nest.

It's a real love-hate relationship with the Fens for me, I hate but can still manage to pull shots.

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