A walk to St Martin's church Glandford North Norfolk

Visit date 15/11/2019 Katey jane Andrews

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Saint Nicholas church Salthouse in moody black and white from the mashes North Norfolk.

After spending a windy night next to the beach in Salthouse and with mother nagging for a cooked meal, I decided to move the motorhome to Cley-Next-The-Sea as I wanted to try the Three swallows pub restaurant Three swallows pub restaurant but before then I thought about taking a 1-mile walk to St Martin’s. So I parked close to the stunning Saint Margaret's Church in Cley (pictured in a winters sunset) and a few yards from the pub.

Norfolk wool churches, Cley church North Norfolk in sunset lighting.

One of my favourite things in life is to park up somewhere and walk the countryside but I like to take in at least one church along the way but with this little village, it also had a small stream with a ford to take a look at on the way to the church. The road that leads to Gladford is rather peaceful and feels out the way with fine views across the old horbour where Wiveton church stands proud along with the tall tower of Blakeney behind, there seams to be churches everywhere here.

A real little gem out in the sticks of Norfolk

St Martin's churchyard and path in autumn Glandford North Norfolk. Having never seen any photos of St Martin I had wondered what it would be like. Well, standing at the gate I saw a standard Norfolk church and a small one too. But be warned there’s a cat that roams the churchyard, it hunts its prey slowly, looking for a willing victim to give it a cuddle and fuss, II must admit what a cute black and white fuzzball. Anyway, back to the church, The north porch shows some nice flushwork with niches and a set of shields that would suit a much larger church. On the outside its nice but not over the top.

St Martin's church and a black and white cat Glandford North Norfolk.

What a shock when you walk inside!

Walking in was like walking into a small cathedral, as the lights automatically came on I was in for a shock, wow this church is stunning inside, you would never know from the outside just how beautiful it is, for me it was let down by the auto lights, I was blinded so couldn’t hardly see the roof angels, what would of been nice, having up lights to see the angels. Through the darkness and blinding light, I think they where hammerbeams and figures on each corbell. Each angel holding something with wings.

St Martin's church roof angel Glandford North Norfolk.

Moving into the chancel, well it was full of wonderful carvings, on the benches and again with angels but I felt these where more cherub-like, it was even darker within the chancel so using the cameras flash I just basics hoped for the best.

St Martin's church chancel and east window Glandford North Norfolk

The chapel in the north aisle was one of the finest I have seen in a small church. Absolutely stunning! And the font that felt like solid marble, maybe 18th century but still carved with great details

St Martin's church chapel Glandford North Norfolk

St Martins is one of those churches that a person may well walk past but don’t! It is a little gem out in the sticks and well worth a visit.

St Martin's church from the river glaven Glandford North Norfolk.

As for the meal at the pub, very nice, had fish and chips next to an open wood fire, met some nice people but don’t be put off by a grump woman who does like people parking near her house, stating private road when it isn’t. Ohh well you get them.

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