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The Fens through the lens

Truth be told the Fens is one of the oddest places I have ever seen, I have two names for this place,  marmite countryside (meaning love or hate) and the monochrome world of the Fens, sorry I'm not going to sugar coat the world otherwise there be no sugar left!.

Forget springtime colours as they are so short-lived you libel to miss it, wildflowers stands no chance here.

Like snow do you? well, we may get 1 inch every 6 years if we very lucky. Like hills, forests and trees well forget those too!, we are the lowest and largest man-made landscape in the UK. we offer 99.99% flat brown fields where groundhog day comes to life, where depression and suicide is a fact of life, where agriculture has destroyed almost all places to walk and nature. forget Wicken Fen that's not real life, I'm on about the everyday real Fens.

This bleak and bland world offers something very different, if you an artist and driven by moods you may well find this place useful. For me it's about what comes from the sky, the worse the weather gives the best moods with fog and storms are the best. it's a place where you have to drive like a headless chicken just to find a few shots, it's never laid on a plate, it really is getting out there and bloody work for it.

Sometimes this bleak flat old world can show it's more pretty side with stunning sunrises and sunsets. We have many Stunning churches click here

A running joke is Lord of the rings mount doom was modelled on the dark cloud that often hangs over our landscapes.

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